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EnErgy ManagEMEnt Through The Tinted-Glass, And What Savings You'll Find There A downtown case study examines a window retrofit. By John Yard Task: The Douglas Emmett Property located downtown Honolulu at 1132 Bishop wanted to increase energy savings, and become a more energy efficient property by using more natural light. Chief engineer Ed Lewis mobilized the property's facility management team, and early on decided that the goal for the property would be no less than to achieve Energy Star-approved status. Factoid: Nearly one-third of all electric costs were spent to heat and cool the building. Solution: Hüper Optik® Energy Saver Ceramic 35 was chosen because of the film's unique ability to preserve views and protect the recent upgrades of environmentallyfriendly flooring and furniture. The film's single-layer ceramic technology delivers all the increased energy-saving performance of a traditional film, but with a clear view of the property's swaying palms and city scene. Factoid: Decrease in Monthly Energy Usage: 94,629 in kilowatt hours was the average saved in the first seven months Result: Energy Saver Ceramic 35 at 1132 Bishop Street * Helps commercial chillers last longer * Turns existing windows into "super windows" for a green solution for LEED buildings * Helps achieve LEED points in energy reduction, thermal comfort and innovation and design * Helps achieve LEED points in thermal comfort, daylight and views 20 February-March 2014 BMH The extreme energy saving performance of Hüper Optik's singlelayer ceramic delivered a comfortable environment for the tenants of the 25-story high-rise tower, with approximately 471,000 square feet of commercial office and retail space. The building's engineers were able to report a reduction in the average cooling temperature; thus allowing the chillers to operate more efficiently during peak load demand. Upon 80 percent completion of the film installation, the savings of the electric bill for the facility was

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Engineered Efficiency: A Holistic Approach
Why Host An EV Charger
The New Age Of Energy Metering
Are You On Island Time?
Time To Stay Cool
Through The Tinted-Glass, And What Savings You’ll Find There
Managing Off-Site
Safe & Secure
HVAC: Top Trends
An Industry Unites At Expo 2014
The (Often Overlooked) Success Factor
On Site: Men At Work

Building Management Hawaii February/March 2014