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Managing Off-Site Card access. What can remote managed access mean to you? By Richard Osbourne, Jr. SEcurity I n today's fast paced world of building security, building owners and managers are always looking to technology to streamline costs. There are many ways to do that with security technology and keyless entry or access control. How many times have you had a tenant say he/ she lost a key, or you had to evict a key-holding tenant? Now the fun begins as you either have to try to get the key back or go through and rekey all of the locks ... or just hope the key is actually lost. Many tenants will say they lost their key, when in actuality they gave it to a friend or family member. Standard Access Control Standard access control systems (aka keyless entry systems) are a good start to managing access on your properties. Generally, these systems consist of a PC or computer for data entry, a control panel that functions as the brain of the system, and door peripherals, i.e. card or keyfob (security token) readers, locks and exit devices. When a key gets lost or stolen, all you have to do is delete it out of the system and that key or card is no longer usable. This type of system also keeps records and controls who comes and goes- when, where and how. You can even control the hours of operation for the fitness center, gym, recreation deck and pool. Security access. Managed Access Now, what do you do if you're responsible for a smaller operation or perhaps manage multiple buildings across the state? Well, with the use of "cloud technology," new systems such as "Managed" or "Remote Managed Access" can be a smart solution for many property and resident managers. With remote managed access, your service provider can manage your system for you. New access control systems are web based and don't require a PC or computer on site, yet they can still use a control panel-based system with locks and readers, etc. Web-based systems allow you- the user-to access the secure information from anywhere. You can add and delete users, unlock doors and check on any other issues that may arise. Web-based systems also allow your systems integrator, 22 February-March 2014 BMH

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Why Host An EV Charger
The New Age Of Energy Metering
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Time To Stay Cool
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Managing Off-Site
Safe & Secure
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On Site: Men At Work

Building Management Hawaii February/March 2014