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The Ultimate Energy-Efficient Building Property managers have options to streamline energy systems. BY BRUCE EKIMURA N EnErgy MAnAgEMEnt ow is an exciting time for owners and managers who want to modernize their building's energy profile. There have never been more options for going green, saving money, monitoring usage and streamlining energy systems. As Hawaii's energy options have grown, we've seen a crucial need for all the elements to work seamlessly together-from solar photovoltaic, water heating and electric vehicle charging, to heating and air conditioning, to electrical design and engineering. Ladd Tsuda, a senior project manager and certified electrical contractor with more than 30 years of experience, shares his thoughts on energy management trends he's seeing with building managers, as well as a few tips and recent case studies. Adding Air Conditioning "A lot of small to mid-size property managers are considering air conditioning for their buildings," Tsuda says. "But they need to be careful not to overload their electrical system." Most air conditioning contractors are owner-operators who will subcontract their electrical work. It's important to choose licensed in-house electricians and engineers who write guidelines for a property and ensure all design criteria are met, including aesthetics. They should be knowledgeable of HOA priorities and review your property's existing load and design a system that won't overload your electrical capabilities. And if you're going to invest in air conditioning, go with a trusted manufacturer. The Mitsubishi heating/cooling systems have among the industry's highest SEER efficiency ratings, as well as new ductless technology and inverter-driven compressors which can instantly and automatically adjust to changing room environment conditions. Not only does the new technology from a trusted brand save you money, but you have the peace of mind that the company will be around to honor its warranties for decades to come. Sleuth Out Energy Hogs Today's technology can allow you to track electrical usage via the Internet, monitoring individual tenants' usage in real time and even breaking down reports to specific areas like air conditioning or hot water heating. You can also monitor photovoltaic production. A userfriendly energy monitoring system is eGauge which puts an incredible amount of data at your fingertips in an easy-to-understand format. 40 February-March 2015 BMH

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