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You'll be able to identify undue usage and correct it immediately (rather than learning about it in a utility bill 30 to 45 days later), determine where to invest in efficiency upgrades, and guard against billing errors by comparing bills to actual usage. The EV Wave The Hawaiian Mission Academy, a private independent school in Honolulu, had several concerns. Most urgent was an overhead electrical cable that was infested with termites and posed a major safety hazard for students. "We conducted a review of their system and not only were we able to provide them with a new underground cabling system, but we did an overall service upgrade, installed a photovoltaic system and switched over to LED lighting to save the school thousands in electrical expenses," says Tsuda. "Because of our integrated approach and expertise in multiple areas of electrical, solar and contracting services, we were able to tackle the whole job efficiently with one point of contact." More than 30 years ago, Bruce Ekimura became an early specialist in solar and in 1993 Alternate Energy, Inc. was officially incorporated. Today, AEI is a full-service energy efficiency contractor offering PV, HVAC, licensed electrical contracting, solar attic fans, solar water heating and EV charging. For more information, visit License No. C-26041 EnErgy MAnAgEMEnt Electric vehicles are here to stay. The state's green energy initiatives mean more and more buildings will be mandated to provide EV charging stations. Why not recoup the cost of that energy? Tsuda encourages managers to consider "Smart Charging" stations that allow facilities to charge per kilowatt hour, according to their own fee structure. A station such as ChargePoint contractor have retractable cables and single, dual or quadruple access points. They also offer programmable screens for advertising or other messaging, and they utilize cell phone or credit card payment options for ultimate convenience. One Facility's Experience Get Back to Basics HECO may have put your photovoltaic investment on hold, but you can still benefit from solar in two important ways: solar water heating and solar attic fans. A truly energyefficient facility or residence starts with solar water heating, since hot water heating can account for 40 percent of a family's electricity bill. A SWH system will integrate seamlessly with your overall energy plan. And solar attic fans are a time-honored tool for removing hot air from a structure. "Why pay to cool air that you can release naturally?" says Tsuda. "I always tell managers, before you invest in photovoltaic or air-conditioning, we highly recommend solar water heating and solar attic fans. Installing them can greatly reduce the amount of electricity you need." Commercial & Residential Services Photovoltaic Systems * Generators Electrical Contracting * EV Charging Solar Water Heating * HVAC Solar Attic Ventilation * LED Lighting Energy Monitoring & Analysis Engineering, Permitting & HOA Services Call us for a free estimate 842-5853 Visit us online at Alternate Energy Inc., 803 Ahua Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 | License No. C-26041 We're Rated A+! phone 808 842 5853 | fax 808 847 7594 | web Alternate Energy design engineer team members BMH February-March 2015 41

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