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Walk-throughs Vital to Engineers Knowing your property well pays off in the long term BY JAMES DORAL EnginEErs E ngineers and facility managers should become as familiar with their building or community as possible, and the best way to do that would be to walk around the property. Having a thorough knowledge of your property is paramount. It can bring a little peace of mind to know you can instruct someone over the phone (on most occasions) when you receive those after-hour calls. Take the time to conduct a periodic walkthrough of your property. Write detailed notes and make it a point to know where things are located, such as main shutoff valves or isolation valves, electrical panels and circuit breakers as well as knowing the physical location and layout of certain critical pieces equipment and systems. With the safety of tenants and employees being of utmost importance, a scheduled walk- 42 February-March 2015 BMH The information you gather can help you develop a maintenance program for daily operations, preventive maintenance schedules and for planning longterm goals and projects. through can also be a good way of recognizing or identifying any potential safety hazards or concerns before it actually becomes an issue. Checking and inspecting your fire alarm and safety equipment along with your emergency generator should be done on a scheduled basis to ensure everything is working properly. During a walk-through, you can also do assessments on your central plant (chillers and cooling towers), HVAC systems, lighting, plumbing, safety/security, elevators and all other major systems of your facility or property. The information you gather can help you develop a maintenance program for daily operations, preventive maintenance schedules and for planning long-term goals and projects. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your major mechanical systems and avoid unplanned capital expenditures. It also helps with budget planning as you can make recommendations and offer timelines (life expectancy of equipment) and provide insight to the owners/corporate on what needs

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Editor’s Note: Energy Management
Insider’s Guide to Picking a Security Company for Your Property
Industry News
Dealing with Graffiti and Glass Damage
Hawaii’s High-Tech Roofing Products
Building and Management Expo Set
Installing New & Improved Windows
Window Film Cuts Glare, Energy Bills
Reassessing Hurricane Preparedness
An ESA Can Deliver Peace of Mind
Checking a Building’s Energy Score
Managing PV Energy Consumption
The Ultimate Energy-Efficient Building
What to Know About Chiller Plants
New Trends Emerge in HVAC Systems
Walk-throughs Vital to Engineers
Trapped in the Web of Act 326
Faces: The IREM Banquet

Building Management Hawaii

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