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Editor's Note Energy efficiency, roofing and windows Businesses and property owners looking for ways to better manage their buildings' energy efficiency and to install energy-efficient equipment have options. Our experts discuss the importance of benchmarking and the potential value of a flexible Energy Savings Agreement. The ESA allows for the installation of high-tech equipment with no upfront expenses, with the energy savings used to pay for the cost of the new machinery. And benchmarking helps evaluate a building's energy use and discover opportunities for improvement. Choosing the right air conditioning system is crucial. And in Hawaii, many buildings are getting older and looking to upgrade their chiller plants. Read our reports on how to make the best decisions on which systems are the right fit for your building. " In our Windows & Doors section, we take a look at what you need to do to make your property safe during a hurricane as well as ways you cut the glare from the sun while keeping the indoors cooler. In this issue we also feature a local business that can re-polish scratched glass, and we take a look at what roofing materials are well-suited to Hawaii's climate. Back in the news is Act 326-Transient Accommodations, a 2012 measure to regulate vacation rentals. In this issue you'll get an explanation of Act 326 and why it's being enforced. Got something you'd like to share with BMH and our readers? Let us know! Aloha, David Putnam david@ tradepublishing. com CONTROLLER Tracy Kalahiki ___________ DIRECTOR OF MARKETING Karen Berry ___________ PRODUCTION MANAGER Blanche Pestana SENIOR DESIGNERS Kim Martin Ursula A. Silva ___________ property keener or more alert than in the United States, and nowhere else does the majority " display less inclination toward doctrines which in any way threaten the way property is owned." -Alexis de Tocqueville Building Management Hawaii The Magazine That Cares About Property Managers and Landlords in Hawaii February-March 2015 DIRECTOR of ADVERTISING Barry Redmayne SENIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Charlene Gray Jennifer Dorman Amanda Hipolito Andrew Peterson ADVERTISING ADMINISTRATOR Lorraine Cabanero ___________ COMMERCIAL SERVICES DIRECTOR Piilani Kaalekahi COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS MANAGER Faith Freitas ___________ "In no other country in the world is the love of 6 EDITOR David Putnam ASSOCIATE EDITOR Priscilla Pérez Billig ASSISTANT EDITOR Brett Alexander-Estes CONSTRUCTION EDITOR Alfonso Rivera ___________ BMH CIRCULATION MANAGER Chelse Takahashi ___________ PRODUCTION SUPERINTENDENT Abe Popa SENIOR PRESS OPERATORS Bill Yiulin Dean Onishi POST PRESS MANAGER Chris Castelli DIGITAL PRESS MANAGER Don Takashima MAILROOM MANAGER Aaron Popa ___________ CARL HEBENSTREIT CHAIRMAN & PRESIDENT KEN BERRY CEO & PUBLISHER BARRY REDMAYNE ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Building Management Hawaii

Editor’s Note: Energy Management
Insider’s Guide to Picking a Security Company for Your Property
Industry News
Dealing with Graffiti and Glass Damage
Hawaii’s High-Tech Roofing Products
Building and Management Expo Set
Installing New & Improved Windows
Window Film Cuts Glare, Energy Bills
Reassessing Hurricane Preparedness
An ESA Can Deliver Peace of Mind
Checking a Building’s Energy Score
Managing PV Energy Consumption
The Ultimate Energy-Efficient Building
What to Know About Chiller Plants
New Trends Emerge in HVAC Systems
Walk-throughs Vital to Engineers
Trapped in the Web of Act 326
Faces: The IREM Banquet

Building Management Hawaii