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Concrete Restoration How to handle current and future repairs. By Willie White RestoRation T he four words that every condominium board of director hates to hear are “Concrete Spall Repair Needed.” Yet, spall repair is something that most of them will eventually need to face. Our beautiful Hawaiian environment is such that most exposed concrete doesn’t have a chance. The trade winds, coupled with our high humidity and salt air, drive destructive moisture into everything—including concrete. It takes 25 to 35 years for concrete’s steel reinforcing to rust and expand to the point where it breaks the concrete. At some point during the building’s lifetime moisture found its way to the steel, either through a crack, void or exposed area. And once the steel starts to rust, there is no stopping it unless the rusted steel is removed and the new steel is coated with corrosion inhibitors. Quality Repair Treating the rust is the first step of the spall repair process, and the most Walkway – Before important if you want to prolong the life of the repair. Once the rusted steel is exposed, enough concrete needs to Walkway – After OVER 30 YEARS of professional CONCRETE RESTORATION Spall Repairs Crack Repairs Leak Repairs Concrete Restoration & Waterproofing Commercial • High-Rise • Residential Interior & Exterior • Masonry • Concrete Spall Repair • Plaster, Texture & Acoustic • Concrete Staining • Epoxy Coating • Decorative Concrete Floor Coating Waterproofing Painting Coatings WIL L IAMS HAWAII , INC. C O N C R E T E R E P A I R & C O A T I N G S Ph: (808) 455-5303 • Fax: (808) 455-5829 C-13039 18 April - May 2013 BMH Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (808) 386-7404 Lic. No. C 5513, C 33, C 31, C 55

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Lifts: Elevators & Escalators
Service Providers Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology
Time To Modernize?
Ready To Switch Gears?
Concrete: Restoration & Repairs
When To Test For Lead
3 Steps For A Solid Spalling Job
Deep Secrets
Phase The Work
Concrete Restoration
Tips On How To Reduce Spalling On Newer Buildings
The Difference Between Repair & Restoration
Equipment Breakdown Insurance
High-rise Hotspot
Toolbox Talk: How to choose the correct ladder for the job.
Industry News and Movers & Shakers
On Site: Saving Staff

Building Management Hawaii April/May