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Tips On How To Reduce Spalling On Newer Buildings By Jon Brandt, S.E. Q A I see so much spalling damage on buildings, is there anything being done to keep it from happening on newer buildings? RestoRation eneRgy I really don’t see anything that would stop spalling on new concrete buildings but there have been several improvements that will limit it. The most obvious is not having concrete directly exposed to the elements. You see newer buildings with decorative cladding over the concrete or some type of waterproofing on the concrete surface, and that will greatly help. But there have also been some improvements with the concrete mix that causes it to be more resistant to spalling. Concrete is a porous material, meaning that small cracks allow water to pass thru the material. And it’s the water that passes into the concrete that rusts the reinforcing causing the spalling. So where we can reduce the porosity of the concrete we can also reduce the spalling. Two common things are happening with concrete now to reduce the porosity compared to what was being done 20 years ago. One of those is the use of higher strength concrete. What has been found is that the higher the concrete strength the less porous it is. As an engineer, I decide how strong the concrete needs to be for a project. In the past we didn’t use the Building Value For Your Shopping Centers Maintain your property’s beauty through ABM’s ongoing asphalt maintenance. Excessive debris and cracked asphalt can greatly hamper the beauty of your retail property. With regular maintenance, ABM will minimize asphalt damage by removing dust, gravel, leaves and debris, resulting in a more invigorating customer experience. Call Tiera Covington today at 808-545-7733 to learn more. ©2013 ABM Industries Inc. All rights reserved. 20 April - May 2013 BMH

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Lifts: Elevators & Escalators
Service Providers Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology
Time To Modernize?
Ready To Switch Gears?
Concrete: Restoration & Repairs
When To Test For Lead
3 Steps For A Solid Spalling Job
Deep Secrets
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Concrete Restoration
Tips On How To Reduce Spalling On Newer Buildings
The Difference Between Repair & Restoration
Equipment Breakdown Insurance
High-rise Hotspot
Toolbox Talk: How to choose the correct ladder for the job.
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Building Management Hawaii April/May