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The Difference Between Repair & Restoration By Val Williams RestoRation I before after t is important to note that while repairs are part of the concrete restoration process, there is a big difference between simple concrete repairs and concrete restoration. Concrete repairs can be a simple repair job that focuses on utility and may not include any attention to aesthetics whereas concrete restoration is the repairing of older concrete back to its original appearance. With a restoration job, the crack is not only filled in, but the surface of the entire section is sealed, making it impossible to see any signs of the crack. Concrete restoration can be used on just about any concrete surface. There is also the benefit of less time involved with a concrete restoration since there is no need to remove the old construction, so a great deal of time is saved on the front end. Restoration takes less time to set and dry than all new construction, meaning accessibility would be easier. To avoid serious concrete repair bills, one should be on the lookout for early warning signs like, cracks, spalls, loose railings, etc. and take early repair action. Concrete repairs should be undertaken by a competent, licensed contractor with a track record of successful repair projects. Consider asking the contractor for a list of project references completed within 5 years and take the time to check them out. Concrete repairs are not inexpensive so be sure to have them done right the first time so the problem does not have to be revisited. Val Williams is the president of Williams Hawaii, Inc. a specialty contractor since 1982. The firm provides a wide range of services to solve concrete problems, enhance exterior surfaces, waterproof coating, painting and swimming pools. Haggith's Structural Scan & Inspections, LLC Providing subsurface interface radar for engineering and geophysical investigations Before Drilling, Cutting, Coring or Digging SAVE TIME AND MONEY With our high-quality data acquisition, analysis, and imaging that is a non-invasive method to locate underground utilities, tension cables, rebar, conduit and voids Dale L. Haggith President / Manager Office (808) 239-4330 • Fax (808) 239-5157 47-338 Mawaena St. Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744 For more info go to 22 April - May 2013 BMH

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Lifts: Elevators & Escalators
Service Providers Leverage Cutting-Edge Technology
Time To Modernize?
Ready To Switch Gears?
Concrete: Restoration & Repairs
When To Test For Lead
3 Steps For A Solid Spalling Job
Deep Secrets
Phase The Work
Concrete Restoration
Tips On How To Reduce Spalling On Newer Buildings
The Difference Between Repair & Restoration
Equipment Breakdown Insurance
High-rise Hotspot
Toolbox Talk: How to choose the correct ladder for the job.
Industry News and Movers & Shakers
On Site: Saving Staff

Building Management Hawaii April/May