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Toolbox Talk: Ladder Safety How to choose the correct ladder for the job. T here are many types of ladders, ranging from simple wooden job-built ladders to specialty fiberglass ladders used for specific jobs. The three main types of ladders are: 1) extension 2) step 3) multipurpose 4 Choose a ladder that is capable of supporting your weight and the weight of any materials you will be using. See the chart below. This Toolbox Talk was developed through the Construction Roundtable of OSHA’s Alliance Program for informational purposes only. It does not necessarily reflect the official views of OSHA or the U.S. Department of Labor. This Toolbox Talk was reprinted with the express permission of the SWRInstitute, Type Weight Rating Duty Rating 1-AA 375 pounds Super Heavy Duty 1-A 300 pounds Extra Heavy Duty 1 250 pounds Heavy Duty Industrial 2 225 pounds Medium Duty Commercial 3 200 pounds Light Duty Household INDUSTRIES LONGEST WARRANTIES INTEGRITY CONCRETE SPALL REPAIR CORRECTLY 2987 KALAKAUA MARCO POLO HALE KAHEKA PAKALANA MOST EXPERIENCED & MOST RESPECTED EXTERIOR BUILDING RENOVATOR License #: C16148 - Website: - Phone Number:808-841-7602 - BMH April - May 2013 23 LaddeR safety No doubt, ladders are helpful tools. But they can also fail you if used incorrectly. To stay safe, keep the following in mind when choosing a ladder: 4 For indoor use, stepladders or multipurpose ladders are usually recommended. For outdoor work, taller stepladders, multipurpose or extension ladders are generally more appropriate. 4 Do not use aluminum ladders when working around electricity. Chose a ladder made out of non-conductive material for electrical work, such as when working near overhead power lines. 4 Make sure that the ladder is the proper length to do the job safely. 4 Choose a ladder that is designed for how you intend to use it. For example, do not use step ladders in a folded and leaned position in place of a straight ladder.

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Lifts: Elevators & Escalators
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Time To Modernize?
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Concrete: Restoration & Repairs
When To Test For Lead
3 Steps For A Solid Spalling Job
Deep Secrets
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Tips On How To Reduce Spalling On Newer Buildings
The Difference Between Repair & Restoration
Equipment Breakdown Insurance
High-rise Hotspot
Toolbox Talk: How to choose the correct ladder for the job.
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Building Management Hawaii April/May