COOLING TOWERS: HVAC Chemical Feed Pumps" /> COOLING TOWERS: HVAC Chemical Feed Pumps" />

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HVAC Chemical Feed Pumps They may be small, but they play a big role in maintaining your cooling tower system. By Grant Tolentino Q uick to task, incredibly effective and costefficient to maintain and operate, cooling towers have long been the alpha component in contemporary commercial cooling. CoolIng towers Neptune-Tacmina Pumps magazine is Cooling towers dynamically remove heat from attempered interior spaces via the managed recirculation of cooled water through a series of ultra-efficient heat exchangers, while accepting reinforcement from the implementation of a competent water treatment program. Such protective regimes require consistent monitoring of the tower's recirculation flow along with a fleet of small chemical feed pumps, which deliver timely and accurate dosages of inhibitors, biocides and surfactants into the hydronic stream to provide protection from corrosion, deposition and microbiological attack. Think tiny tugboats helping a huge ship tend the course. The Egyptians started it all with their invention of the "shadoof," the world's first pump, in 2000 b .c. Over the past 4,000 years, the mechanical transfer of liquids, gases and slurries has played an ever-increasing role in the development of the world's vast industrialcommercial complex. Since 1902, when Willis Carrier invented the first electro-mechanical air conditioning unit, pumps have been critical components in controlling the ONLINE HAWA CELE IIANA BR AT ES Find us on your * PC * tablet * e-reader & more! April - May 2014 View the Digital Edition at Powered by ALSO: Con cre te Restor ation * Insura nce * Elevat ors * Cooling Towers BMH continues its 30-year tradition of connecting property managers with products, services and industry experts. 46 April-May 2014 BMH

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Editor’s Note By Stacy Pope
Hawaiiana Hits The Big Five-0
CONCRETE Restoration and Repairs: Maintaining A Strong Foundation
Concrete Spalls, Cracks And Leaks
Should You Repair Or Replace?
Restoring Exposed Aggregate Surfaces
Preserving A Historic Treasure
ELEVATOR Modernization: Are You Losing Energy?
Greening Your Elevators
Upgrading On A Budget
INSURANCE: Locking Down The Leaks
Navigating Property Insurance
COOLING TOWERS: HVAC Chemical Feed Pumps
Waikiki’s Oldest Hotel Keeps It Cool
Industry News or Movers & Shakers
On Site: Self-Management 101

Building Management Hawaii April/May 2014