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Hawaiiana Hits The Big Five-O Celebrating a half-century of remarkable growth, Hawaii's largest property management company claims a diverse portfolio and a tradition of innovation. By Stacy Pope T he year was 1964, and Hawaii's landscape was quite different from today. Statehood was only five years behind us, and Honolulu was growing up-literally-as we began to envision a modern, international city able to sustain more residents and visitors. In this environment, Hawaiiana Management Company Ltd. was established to meet an increasing need for professional property management services. Today Hawaiiana is the largest property management company in the Islands, with more than 575 properties, or about 95,000 units, in its portfolio. As the company marks its 50th year-which it has playfully logoed as "Hawaiiana Five-0," curling blue wave and all-Hawaiiana stands firm in its ongoing commitment to clients, to the industry and to the community. Meet The Hawaiiana Team A kamaaina company with 50 years of history, Hawaiiana Management is home to a team of nearly 200 employees, including 73 management executives, 36 administrative assistants and 57 accounting professionals, with offices on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Hawaiiana recognizes that its employees are among the company's most important assets. And while most Hawaii companies hope to create an authentic ohana atmosphere among coworkers, Hawaiiana can truly say it has achieved that, with many employees who have been with the company for more than two decades. Several employees can even boast three decades or more, including Charla Trevenen, vice president, administration, 33 years; Carol Oreta, senior administrative assistant, 32 years; Annie Kekoolani, executive assistant to the chairman, 30 years; and Rue Onaga, senior administrative assistant, 30 years. Hawaiiana's longest reigning employee, Virginia Peacock, who has been with the company for 39 years, recalls serving Hawaiiana's resort properties in the 1970s. "There was a great dock strike, and visitors to our Hawaii properties were worried about a toilet paper shortage!" she says. Annie Kekoolani remembers being Hawaiiana's sole typist in the 1980s. "I give Hawaiiana credit for keeping up with the latest technology over the years. Even though I typed a lot of minutes, house rules, letters and meeting notices for the entire company," Kekoolani comments, "Hawaiiana invested in the Wang OIS series word processing system, which at the time was considered stateof-the-art technology." Since then, Hawaiiana has continued to upgrade its technology to remain a leader in the industry. Among Hawaiiana's executive team members, special recognition goes to Emory Bush, current chairman of the board and president of Hawaiiana from 1993 to 2010 following his retirement as a colonel in the U.S. Army. Under his guidance, Hawaiiana achieved incredible growth throughout Five employees have been with Hawaiiana for 30 years or more: Rue Onaga, Carol Oreta, Virginia Peacock, Charla Trevenen and Annie Kekoolani. 6 April-May 2014 BMH

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Hawaiiana Hits The Big Five-0
CONCRETE Restoration and Repairs: Maintaining A Strong Foundation
Concrete Spalls, Cracks And Leaks
Should You Repair Or Replace?
Restoring Exposed Aggregate Surfaces
Preserving A Historic Treasure
ELEVATOR Modernization: Are You Losing Energy?
Greening Your Elevators
Upgrading On A Budget
INSURANCE: Locking Down The Leaks
Navigating Property Insurance
COOLING TOWERS: HVAC Chemical Feed Pumps
Waikiki’s Oldest Hotel Keeps It Cool
Industry News or Movers & Shakers
On Site: Self-Management 101

Building Management Hawaii April/May 2014