Concrete & Asphalt - Fresh Surfaces for Work & Play" /> Concrete & Asphalt - Fresh Surfaces for Work & Play" />

Building Management Hawaii June/July 2013 - (Page 22)

Fresh Surfaces For Work & Play This summer, spruce up your curb appeal and your courts. ConCrete /aSphalt By John Moody A s you know, protecting and maintaining your property’s asphalt parking lots, driveways and roads is vital. But other flat surfaces—tennis and basketball courts, recreational areas and walking paths—need resurfacing as well. Have you ever tried to play a game of tennis on a cracked, crumbling court? Or an uneven court that collects pools of water? Not only does it take the joy out the game, but it’s also a hazard. As a one-stop-shop for pavement maintenance, SealMaster Hawaii carries SportMaster® Sport Surfaces. SportMaster is a premium brand of sport surfacing and repair products. Its tennis court surfaces are technically advanced with 100 percent acrylic resins that ensure long-term protection from natural elements, including supreme resistance to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet degradation. With a variety of colors, the sports surfaces offer choices that can contribute to LEED credits for low solar reflectance index. This results in cooler sports surfaces and surrounding areas. Also, SportMaster sports surfaces uses only recycled rubber in its cushioned premium tennis court resurfacing systems. Tennis court resurfacing is a unique trade, and sports surfaces are not available in common hardware stores. SealMaster Hawaii stocks SportMaster 22 June - July 2013 BMH sports surfaces and many of the common tools for mixing and applying tennis court resurfacing products. Off The Court In being part of building management, you take pride in making certain your properties are adequately maintained. From the buildings to the grounds (and, yes, even the parking lot), the level of commitment to maintenance reflects on your property’s image. Your parking lot is the “welcome mat” to your property. It’s the first thing tenants and customers see when they arrive. Does your parking lot project a neat professional image? Or does it portray a drab, gray, run-down image? Crackfill: Once moisture penetrates the asphalt it will deteriorate the underlying layers, eventually causing failure. One of the major ways moisture penetrates asphalt is through cracking. These cracks eventually turn into potholes. Use a cold and hot pour crack sealant, such as CrackMaster Supreme, to stop the moisture. The best time for crackfill is as soon as a crack develops. A crack can continue to widen, so crack sealing must be continued to be effective. Asphalt Repair: One of the major ways moisture penetrates asphalt is through fatigue cracking. It occurs in areas subjected to repeated traffic loadings (wheel paths); characteristically with a chicken wire or alligator pattern in later stages. The best fix for heavily cracked areas and potholes is to hot patch and cold patch that area with asphalt. If the area to be patched is not too big, PatchMaster (high performance pothole patch) can be used to repair the damage. This would allow you to dig the hole, clean, place the product and compact. You place the product cold, and it eliminates the need for tack coat. There is oil already in the product that allows it move until fully cured. After placing the product, it can be driven on immediately if necessary. Allowing a week to cure is ideal. Sealcoat: The heart of an effective pavement maintenance program includes periodic sealcoating with an asphalt based emulsion pavement sealer. Left untreated, asphalt pavement will deteriorate rapidly. Almost immediately after paving, the asphalt binder combines with oxygen and becomes brittle or oxidized. This leads to cracking and weathering soon after installation. Moisture penetrates the asphalt causing further damage. Sealcoating protects against oxidation and provides a protective barrier to stop water penetration and resists attack from oil and gasoline that soften and deteriorate the exposed asphalt binder. SealMaster Hawaii’s signature product is MasterSeal Ready-to-Use Asphalt Based Pavement Sealer. It’s an asphalt emulsion pavement sealer fortified with gilsonite and sand for added wear-ability and slip resistance. The big brother to this product is OptiPave Plus Ready-To-Use Asphalt

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Building Management Hawaii June/July 2013