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Painting & Exterior Finishes Color for island living. By Mark Doyle A s with all trends in building and design, paint preferences change over time. Paint colors help property owners make a statement, from sleek modern palettes to tropical bursts of color. Yet, beyond accenting a building, paint needs to protect it as well. painting Paint & Finishes The technology that goes into a can of paint today has made painting a home or building faster, better and longer-lasting than in previous years. The biggest trend in Hawaii has been the use of water-based acrylic finish paints, which contain a mix of the paint and primer in the same can. Unless a structure is unusually worn, rotted or rusted, there’s no longer a need to prime it first and apply the paint afterward. These self-priming, environmentally friendly paints now comprise the front line of products sold by every major paint manufacturer, with most brands offering various coatings that offer superior durability, UVR and mildew protection and longer color retention. On one commercial project, the exterior of the McCully Garden Apartments, attention was focused extensively on the use of a paint blended with special coating designed to reflect heat. “Because of the building’s location and exposure to midday to afternoon sun, many of the units would experience large increases in temperature throughout the afternoon,” says Karl Van Zandt, business manager for CertaPro This commercial carport had rust on the beams and facia, which are all steel. After spot prepping and treating the rust, CertaPro Painters of Hawaii fully primed the metal portions with Sherwin Williams ProCryl, and then finished with Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial ZeroVOC Acrylic. “Both products are fairly new from Sherwin Williams Industrial line, and both are water-based 32 June - July 2013 BMH Painters of Hawaii. “At the owner’s request, we used the Tex-cote CoolWall exterior paint product. It’s a high-build exterior finish paint formulated to reflect heat and keep the building interior temperature down. “After application, the residents immediately noticed a drop in the afternoon temperatures, and the owner was very happy with the overall result.” Franny Little Bear, whom many on Oahu will recognize as the paint/ project consultant for Home Depot in Iwilei, agrees that high-tech paint and primer products are still the hottest trend in the professional painting industry. “It’s been around for about six years or so, and the technology just keeps improving with quicker acrylic,” says CertaPro business manager Karl Van Zandt. “The primer and finish both have anti-corrosive properties, and the finish is a durable industrial enamel. There are many epoxies and industrial finishes that may beat these in terms of durability, but most are more difficult to apply, harder to clean up and can present some health hazards from their chemical makeup.”

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Special Section: BIA Renaissance Awards
Solar & More - Made In The Shade
Solar Options For Condos
Beyond PV…The Power Of The Negawatts
Solar On The Highrise
On The Farm With PV
The Reality Of Exploring Solar
Steep-Slope Solar
Concrete & Asphalt - Fresh Surfaces for Work & Play
Pavement Maintenance 101
Asphalt Alternatives
Rocky Road
Pavement Preservation
Painting Top 5 Painting Tips
Painting & Exterior Finishes
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On Site: Renting Delinquent Units

Building Management Hawaii June/July 2013