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Corrosion Clean Out Chemical-free technology treats limescale, bacteria, algae and corrosion. By Harald von Sydow t is no secret that corrosion is a major cause of plumbing problems in Hawaii. Not only does corrosion cause leaks in kitchen and bathroom fixtures such as faucets, showerheads and toilets; but it also shortens the lifespan of all water-using appliances including refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, hot-water heaters, boilers, etc. There has even been recent news stories of condos in Honolulu that have had serious plumbing problems due to corrosion. Corrosion and scaling are major concerns in all buildings in Hawaii, from single-family residences to five-star resorts and restaurants. Any plumbing that uses brass, copper or stainless steel, or any material with high zinc content that is not treated, will accumulate limescale; leading to corrosion line breaks. Since most of our buildings are 30 to 40 years old, you’ve probably already felt the pain of costly effects of limescale and corrosion. (The limescale buildup in our water increases as you travel leeward from Waikiki, rising from I Plumbing 50 parts per million (ppm) of silica and calcium carbonate in Waikiki to 230 ppm in West Oahu.) Since corrosion and limescale are so invasive in Hawaii, what is a property owner or manager to do other than replace the plumbing—a very expensive venture—and replace appliances as they fail? One answer is HydroFlow, a small unit specifically designed to stop limescale buildup. Although fairly new to Hawaii, HydroFlow has been in used in 42 countries for nearly 20 years. “HydroFlow installation is a plugon with no cutting of pipes. Once installed, randomly varying electric fields are introduced into the water throughout the entire plumbing system; breaking up corrosion and limescale precipitation,” explains Harald von Sydow, CEO of Nano TekOn. “The suspended particles wash away in the flow. HydroFlow normally dissolves existing scale in just a few months. It also slows down corrosion by up to 65 percent, extending the lifespan of existing corroded parts.” Limescale build-up can be avoided by maintenance with the proper equipment and technology. HydroFlow’s technology also can reverse limescale buildup. For example, HydroFlow technology increases the efficiency of water heaters by removing the scale that builds up over the electric elements, reducing faucet leaks, and extending the lifespan of water-using appliances. By keeping all particles in suspension, HydroFlow also prevents corrosioncausing calcium deposits from forming on the bottom of hot-water heater tanks. This greatly lengthens the lifespan of the tank. And, there is the added perk that this process keeps shower doors spot-free with minimal maintenance. HydroFlow soon pays for itself in maintenance, energy and water savings, says von Sydow. For a fraction of the cost to install new plumbing, Nano Tek-On can install one or more HydroFlow units on the plumbing in single homes, townhouses, condos or commercial buildings. The little HydroFlow unit also reduces algae and bacteria in cooling towers, swimming pools and spas. Contrary to standard water conditioners, HydroFlow does not use salt and does not change the chemical composition of the water or its taste. It leaves the water safe and good tasting without anyone knowing it is working behind the scenes. HydroFlow unit in action. 18 August-September 2012 BMH

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