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Roofing What’s Trending & Why? New products offer smart & sunny solutions. By Michael Leong W ith the development of new products and technologies, the roofing industry as a whole is changing. It is moving quickly from traditional products to more eco-friendly products. New asphalt shingle products are being offered by major manufacturers such as Residential roof with Solar Gard coating. CertainTeed, Malarkey and Pabco. With solar reflective granules and other high quality raw materials, they perform beyond what is expected of traditional roofing shingles. By reflecting the sun’s damaging rays instead of absorbing them, these new products expand and contract less, giving them a substantially longer life while keeping building interiors cool. Another new product with recycled content, includes “Ecotorch,” manufactured by MB Technology. Each roll of roofing material contains one half of a recycled automobile tire, making a product that lasts longer than its predecessor, while helping the environment by keeping used tires out of landfills. Another trend is solar or MANAGEMENT. photovoltaic installations. These installations are keeping roofers busy these days, as more and more commercial and residential properties seek protection from rising energy costs by doing their part to wean off of our dependence on foreign oil. Trending in the roofing industry are fluid-applied silicone, acrylic, and urethane roofing systems. Kapili Roofing has seen a demand increase for fluid-applied systems and uses private labels such as H.A. SolarGard, Tropical Silicone, White Lava Products and GeoGard by Tremco for most of its applications. Existing roof membrane systems such as single ply, modified bitumen and concrete decks are all ideal candidates for a fluid applied system. The advantages THe dayS BeFore doT com Have doT come and gone. does your community management technology improve your life? It may be time for an upgrade. after all, you demand more… more service, more value, and more of what you need. That’s why associa Hawaii offers management services and lifestyle products beyond what you’ll find anywhere else. • real-time financial reporting and management tools for boards • replace your check with a click with convenient online payments • Unmatched system-wide efficiency, controls, and security for financial data BEYOND MANAGEMENT. 737 Bishop Street, Suite 3100 | Honolulu, HI 96813 (808) 836-0911 | Fax: (888) 608-4021 | Delivering unsurpassed management and lifestyle services to communities worldwide. 12 AHI-13-055 BMH Ad.indd 1 August - September 2013 BMH 7/8/13 12:33 PM

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ROOFING Top 3 Roof Savers
Mix It Up: cool roofing, wood shake and solar reflective shingles
Townhomes Cool Off From The Top Down
What’s Trending & Why? Smart and sunny solutions
White Out!
A Good Match: New roof gives local shopping center a fresh look.
Stone Meets Metal For Lasting Roofs
Project Complete: When a project goes right, everyone is happy.
PLUMBING Safe & Simple Drains
Project Repipe
Saved From Spots: Small Things can make a big difference
Repiping With PEX
LANDSCAPING Emerging Trends
Irrigation: Too Much of a Good Thing
On Site: An Exercise of Tolerance

Building Management Hawaii August/September2013