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Roofing Stone Meets Metal for Lasting Roofs Increase your property value with durable stone coated steel. By Bruce Place D uring World War II, stone coated steel roofing was used as a roofing material in the United Kingdom as camouflage in the event of a potential attack as well as protection from the weather. In 1954, a New Zealand man purchased the rights to stone coated steel. He began manufacturing roofing material, imbedding small stones into an adhesive called bitumen (a sticky mixture of hydrocarbons). However, time and weather would break down the bitumen and the stones would pop off. Kahala View Estates installed with light-weight Gerard Barrel Vault Tiles. extremely strong wind tests of 150 mph and greater. And over the years, Mother Nature has put Gerard products to the true test with hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, severe UV rays and hailstones worldwide. Not only is the product holding up, so is its color. With ceramiccoated stones, the product resists fading, maintaining its color in the sunniest climates. Since steel and stones are fire proof, stone coated roofs offer protection against exterior fires and flying embers. It also helps to contain interior fires, in some cases resulting in reduced insurance rates. Stone coated steel is also very compatible with solar panels—both at time of installation or at a later date. Stone coated steel roofing is so durable, it will most likely be your last roof, making it the one of the most economical roofs on the market today. Bruce Place has been a manufacturer’s representative in Hawaii for more than 30 years primarily focusing on metal roofing products. He has been with Gerard Roofing for 18 years. The Last Roof Your Property Will Ever Need Gerard STONE COATED STEEL ROOFING In 1972, Gerard Roofing Technologies entered the market and began producing stone coated steel roofing using a strong acrylic adhesive that didn’t breakdown or shed stones. Nearly 40 year later, many of those same roofs are still functional and attractive. Some of those installations are in Hawaii. Since its inception, Gerard has been a leader in innovation and now offers a non-prorated lifetime warranty that is transferable for 50 years, and there are no conditions for being near salt water. Many roofing products claim they have a lifetime warranty but they are pro-rated, meaning if the product fails, the owner is liable for a portion of the cost. In the laboratory testing, stone coated steel roofing has passed 4 Lifetime warranty 4 120 mph wind warranty 4 Available in tile, shake, shingle or barrel vault tile 4 Class A fire rating Why wait? Call Bruce Place today! 808.478.8671 BMH August - September 2013 17

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ROOFING Top 3 Roof Savers
Mix It Up: cool roofing, wood shake and solar reflective shingles
Townhomes Cool Off From The Top Down
What’s Trending & Why? Smart and sunny solutions
White Out!
A Good Match: New roof gives local shopping center a fresh look.
Stone Meets Metal For Lasting Roofs
Project Complete: When a project goes right, everyone is happy.
PLUMBING Safe & Simple Drains
Project Repipe
Saved From Spots: Small Things can make a big difference
Repiping With PEX
LANDSCAPING Emerging Trends
Irrigation: Too Much of a Good Thing
On Site: An Exercise of Tolerance

Building Management Hawaii August/September2013