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Irrigation: Too Much of a Good Thing By Carol Kwan landscaPing T This coconut has moss growing on its lower trunk along with lauae fern. It also appears to have the early stages of stem bleeding of coconut, caused by the soil borne fungus Chalara paradoxa, which can be exacerbated by irrigation spraying directly onto wounded coconut trunks. oo much of a good thing isn’t good for you — or for plants either. A common problem in our landscapes is over watering. Not only does this waste money on unnecessary water and sewer fees, it wastes one of Hawaii’s most precious resources — fresh water. It is also harmful to plant health, because roots need oxygen to function properly. Anaerobic soils lead to root rot and stressed plants, making them more susceptible to pests and diseases. A common factor leading to over watering is that automatic irrigation systems are set for frequent cycles when landscapes are newly planted. This helps plants to establish. Unfortunately, the irrigation frequency does not always get reduced as plants begin to grow. When maintenance is turned over to the end user, and after a typical 90-day establishment period, the irrigation should be set at a schedule appropriate to the area’s climate, topography, soil type, and the current season, and the end user should be instructed on how to use the irrigation system. While there are high tech tools available these days to monitor soil moisture, there are simple, low-tech indicators that soil moisture is too high. If you see moss or algae Specializing in commercial & residential interior renovations & new construction. Lic: BC-27561 843-8078 • RIDGEWAY@HAWAII.RR.COM 36 August - September 2013 BMH

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ROOFING Top 3 Roof Savers
Mix It Up: cool roofing, wood shake and solar reflective shingles
Townhomes Cool Off From The Top Down
What’s Trending & Why? Smart and sunny solutions
White Out!
A Good Match: New roof gives local shopping center a fresh look.
Stone Meets Metal For Lasting Roofs
Project Complete: When a project goes right, everyone is happy.
PLUMBING Safe & Simple Drains
Project Repipe
Saved From Spots: Small Things can make a big difference
Repiping With PEX
LANDSCAPING Emerging Trends
Irrigation: Too Much of a Good Thing
On Site: An Exercise of Tolerance

Building Management Hawaii August/September2013