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Building Management Hawaii August/September2013 - (Page 5)

Editor’s Note I will never look at a glass of water in the same way again … For this issue, I was submerged into the world of plumbing, or more specifically— pipe replacement. SageWater and 1350 Ala Moana invited me in to see what it takes to pull off a multi-million dollar repipe project. If you’re considering replacing some, or all, of your building’s pipe in the next few years … then this issue’s Project Repipe article is a must-read (see page 22). Below are just a few tips from the 1350 Ala Moana repipe project team. Many of their suggestions apply to most any upcoming capital improvement plan. Tips From The Experts: • Have a good capital improvement plan that offers the funds needed for the next 5, 10, 15 years. Many boards and associations don’t plan for replacing plumbing systems, let alone the roof, window sealants, exterior coatings, etc. “Many times when I ask board members whether they have a capital improvements plan, they’ll hand me something that’s been done by an accountant. It really doesn’t give them an assessment of the building,” says Richard Furst of Allana Buick & Bers. “We recommend an overall assessment of all of the building’s systems. It gives a break down of the remaining life span of each component so that you can plan your reserves.” • When applying for a pipe replacement loan consider bundling the request with other capital improvements. “Look down the line to see what other large projects will need to be done soon (painting, spalling, etc.),” says Dirk Yoshizawa of Bank of Hawaii. “Right now the interest rates are low ... we’re at an all-time, low-rate environment, so take advantage of it. You’re already inconveniencing the owners, and you’ve got all your experts together ... you might as well get one large amount and use it as needed to improve your building.” • As soon as you are aware of a pending repipe project, inform the building’s residents and owners. Suggest that any unit improvements be postponed until the project is completed. Repiping is very intrusive and requires the removal of drywall, countertops and cabinetry in kitchens and baths. Properties should also hold off on improvements in high traffic areas such as elevators, hallways and walkways. • Refrain from doing more than one project at the same time—even when the repipe may take several months. You don’t want tradesmen competing over elevators, parking spaces and other resources. • During a repipe, some residents will be without water each day during work hours. Be prepared to provide an area where residents and tradesmen can use water, toilets, etc. • A building’s staff also needs to be prepared for a project like this. A repipe can be the most intrusive project that a building will ever endure. Communicate and educate the staff as to what they are about to go through. The entire staff already has a full time job running and maintaining the property. Adding staff for the added workload is recommended. • Secure a space for contractors to store their materials during a large project. (For example, 1350 Ala Moana rented 12 parking stalls from owners, and the staff built storage rooms to store pipe and other materials.) • Recruit qualified board members (engineers, lawyers, etc.) who are willing to be active board members. Best wishes on your next capital improvement project! Outrigger Ohana East Hotel • Picket and Glass Systems, Windwalls • Custom Designs, Colors and Engineering for Your Rail System • Corrosion Protection with AAMA 2605 Certification • Concrete Repair, Waterproofing Telephone: 808-845-2474 Email: License #AC-13555 BMH August - September 2013 5

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ROOFING Top 3 Roof Savers
Mix It Up: cool roofing, wood shake and solar reflective shingles
Townhomes Cool Off From The Top Down
What’s Trending & Why? Smart and sunny solutions
White Out!
A Good Match: New roof gives local shopping center a fresh look.
Stone Meets Metal For Lasting Roofs
Project Complete: When a project goes right, everyone is happy.
PLUMBING Safe & Simple Drains
Project Repipe
Saved From Spots: Small Things can make a big difference
Repiping With PEX
LANDSCAPING Emerging Trends
Irrigation: Too Much of a Good Thing
On Site: An Exercise of Tolerance

Building Management Hawaii August/September2013