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Renovation Finishing Touch Contractors are often an overlooked resource. But things are changing. By Anthony D. Darkangelo oday’s building designs are more complex and complicated than ever. We are constantly adding new variables to the mix. Some project specifications can look like a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica, making it difficult for any one professional to know everything. Now mix that in with selecting the lowest bidder, and your recipe may not taste so good. Astronaut Alan Shepard put it simply, It’s a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one’s safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract. Sometimes it seems the complexity of today’s building materials and systems are approaching the sophistication level of a space rocket. Even seemingly easy architectural ? T finishes such painting, wall coverings, architectural glass and floor coverings have evolved into complex systems. While aesthetics usually sway our decisions on architectural finishes, there is much to consider when the finishes also involve sound transmission, water and thermal resistance, low maintenance, durability and cost. Thermal resistance, for example, offers great value but in order to ensure lasting results, the right questions need to be asked: Where do the dew points occur? When and where is condensation created and how should it be handled? How does thermal bridging contribute to the formation of mold with these design systems? To my point above, we don’t have to be experts at everything. We just need to have a community of resources that allows us to get the information we need. Getting the correct information in today’s industry is key. There’s an old magazine is ONLINE of a n R M Find us on your • PC • tablet • e-reader & more! View the Digital Edition at from un known rookie to award winner resident manager . Powered by BMH continues its 30-year tradition of connecting property managers with products, services and industry experts. 20 October-November 2012 BMH

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New Digs in Kalihi
The Making of an RM
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Finishing Touch
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On Site: Finding Balance

Building Management Hawaii - October/November 2012