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Just Plug In EV charging stations mandatory for all parking lots with 100 spaces. investment By Scott Mercer id you know that Hawaii parking lots with 100 spaces or more are required by law to provide at least one parking space for an electric vehicle (EV) charging station? Electric vehicles have made a strong showing in Hawaii; the state saw the highest per-capita sales of EV’s in the nation in 2011. As of July 31, 2012, there were 891 electric cars registered on Oahu. Through Senate Bill 2747, signed by the governor this year to further clarify Act 156 (2009), Hawaii lawmakers hope to provide EV drivers with places to “charge up” while out and about, thereby increasing the adoption of this clean technology. For parking lot owners, EV charging stations can be a pricey upgrade. Commercial EV charging D installations can cost $10,000 to $15,000 just to purchase and install the equipment, not to mention the annual maintenance costs of the station. There are many different companies that offer payment-equipped chargers that allow the property owner to charge drivers for use of the stations. But, even if owners sell the electricity for $3 an hour (higher than the market rate at $2/hour and cost at $1/hour), they will need to sell 5,000 to 7,500 hours of electricity before the parking lot owner recoups his/her initial cost. All in all, selling energy to EV drivers most likely will not result in revenue gains—rather, it’s more likely that it will become an ongoing expense. However, another option exists for parking lot owners to comply with the law—but for free. Through the Volta Network, powered by Eaton, Volta Industries installs and maintains EV charging stations for properties and provides the energy to the EV driver—all at no charge. The cost of the stations is covered by local businesses that are interested in providing a free service to the community and being associated with green energy and new technology. Sponsor companies can place a digital ad on the vTower, an aesthetically charging kiosk that can support a sponsor both on the front and the back. Each station provides approximately 15 to 20 miles worth of range per hour of charging. EV charging is becoming a hot topic in Hawaii, and if treated properly, can attract high-net-worth, technologyfocused shoppers to your property, and keep them onsite longer each time they visit. The local demand for electric cars continues to increase, and it will only be a matter of time before visitors will expect charging facilities at medium and large commercial properties throughout the Islands. There are now nine free EV charging stations in the Volta network, and clean technology firm expects to have several dozen EV charging stations in up to 30 locations on Oahu by year’s end. Continued on page 24 22 October-November 2012 BMH

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Building Management Hawaii - October/November 2012