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New Products Street Style StreetBond, creating beautiful and practical colored asphalt surfaces. By Aimee Harris After nearly 20 years of creating colorful and practical asphalt surfaces, StreetBond Coating Systems has found its way to the Islands. Painter’s Warehouse, a local company that specializes in high-quality paints, coatings and lacquer supplies, recently became Oahu’s exclusive distributor. According to Wayne Kato, owner of Painter’s Warehouse, StreetBond is an alternative to other sealants. “Oftentimes a petroleum-based seal coating is used to freshen up an existing parking lot. But, it’s subject to all the usual wear issues—rain and sun that dry out the product’s oils, and gas or engine oil that eat up parking stalls, creating pits,” Kato explains. “But StreetBond’s advanced coatings aggressively adhere to asphalt surfaces and actually protect and extend the life of the pavement.” High-performance coatings, such as StreetBond, must be flexible enough to move with the asphalt but hard enough to withstand heavy wear. StreetBond150 works with the normal expansion and contraction of asphalt surfaces and does not peel or shrink-crack. StreetBond is also skid-resistant. The coatings exceed all government regulated vehicle skid resistance requirements. “Areas such as crosswalks, handicap stalls, curbs, speed bumps and bike lanes are marked with paint for our safety, but, currently, they are indicated with thick, slick paint. The paint, even on handicapped parking stalls, is very slippery—especially when it rains. We want to replace paint with StreetBond. It can make our roads safer for drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians,” Kato says. StreetBond has been applied in a variety of conditions in more than 40 countries around the world. In fact, it has been used to create safe, low maintenance and user-friendly bike lanes and bus lanes in Europe for years. Kato believes that is has potential in Hawaii, too, where new and revitalized neighborhoods are placing a greater emphasis on bike and pedestrian-friendly pathways. Some StreetBond150 colors are solar reflective. The material reflects the sun’s heat, minimizing the amount of solar energy absorbed by pavement surfaces and reducing urban heat. The beauty of StreetBond, Kato says, is that in-house facility managers or maintenance crews can apply it. “It does require explanation, so it won’t sell itself off the shelves,” he says, “but it’s water based and very easy with which to work.” The patterned paving products and colored asphalt treatments are ideal for driveways, parking lots and communal areas. The wide range of decorative asphalt systems provide project stakeholders with almost unlimited design options—from the look of traditional pavers and bricks to more contemporary hardscapes that leave memorable impressions. For walkways and gathering places such as the new library at Windward Community College, StreetBond offers StreetPrint®. The decorative asphalt system creates realistic-looking brick, slate, stone or other design effects directly on an asphalt base. It’s an alternative to expensive products without compromising aesthetic quality or durability. 30 October-November 2012 BMH

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Building Management Hawaii - October/November 2012