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Water & Energy: Two-For-One Savings Knock 20 percent off your monthly energy bill with a water management program. Water SavingS By Christopher Lubner W ater is life. It quenches our thirst, grows our food and refreshes us in unlimited ways. And in Hawaii, we use a lot of water to keep us cool when things get a little too warm. The key element in maintaining comfortable interior temperatures is a building's cooling system-which requires tons of water each year. Most large commercial and residential buildings utilize sophisticated open recirculation or evaporative condenser cooling systems to remove heat and keep interior temperatures cool. Both systems are based on heat transfer, utilizing the recirculation of water to get the job done. Two of the most expensive items in a chiller room are typically the energy required to spin the chillers and the cost of maintenance and component replacement. Reducing these costs is a two-part effort: Minimize the amount of water utilized in keeping a building at a comfortable temperature and reduce the amount of energy it takes to run the system. Cool Components Energy is wasted most when water cooling systems experience deposition- the accumulation of unwanted material or deposits on heat transfer surfaces. Deposition the thickness of your business card will insulate heat transfer surfaces enough to increase energy consumption 10 to 25 percent. Simply by implementing a water management program can knock 20 percent off your monthly energy bill. An accomplished water treatment provider will maintain depositionfree systems, with an eye on overall system efficiency for both traditional and non-chemical cooling systems. This should be a given with today's treatment regimes. The cost of a water management program is typically 2 percent of a given facility's maintenance budget, yet it has a direct tangible impact on up to 80 percent of the remaining budget. Waste Not The Water Another key element in maintaining an efficient cooling system is to minimize the amount of water used to produce the desired building temperature. This is accomplished by maximizing HAWAII'S #1 SOURCE FOR AIR CONDITIONING VENTILATION INSULATION LOW PRICES - FREE OAHU DELIVERY - HUGE INVENTORY Visit our showroom at: Email: 2225 Hoonee Place * Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 (808) 841-7400 * (FAX) 841-7222 14 December 2013 - January 2014 BMH

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Signs & Safety How Do I Get Out Of Here?
Signs Of A Safe Building
A Sign From The Feds
Water Savings Coming Clean With Recycled Water
Water & Energy: Two-For-One Savings
Solar  Hawaii’s Leaders In Solar
Waterproofing Cementious Coating Vs. Polyurethane Foam
Sky Arches
The $1 Million Mistake
Seal The Deal
Resin Injections Save Basement
Waste Management Keeping The Trash Industry Clean
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Assistance Animals Making Room For Rover
Green Cleaning Be Green: Resources & Tips

Building Management Hawaii December/January 2014