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The $1 Million Mistake When the cost of deferred maintenance catches up with you. By Joe Miller Waterproofing T he year was 1988, and the condominium in need of Seal Masters of Hawaii's services consisted of a highrise tower with an upper and lower parking structure, as well as a low-rise building with an upper and lower parking structure. Built in 1972, the buildings and parking structures were still fairly new and both upper parking decks were bare concrete and had never been waterproofed. There was no spalled or cracked concrete on either of the upper parking decks. The AOAO had the funds available to waterproof only one of the upper parking structures. They chose to waterproof the smaller 24,000-square-foot deck, leaving the larger 32,000-squarefoot deck for another year. The cost to coat the smaller deck with a well-known polyurethane, nonskid waterproofing membrane in 1988 was $72,000, or $3 per square foot. Twenty years later, Seal Masters of Hawaii was hired to repair and waterproof both parking decks. By 2008 the buildings and parking structures were more than 36 years old and significant concrete cracking and spalling was observed on the larger upper parking deck. The smaller upper parking deck that was waterproofed 20 years prior in 1988 showed no evidence of concrete cracking or spalling, and it was recoated for $120,000. However, before the waterproof coating could be applied on the larger deck, nearly the entire top two inches of spalled concrete had to be removed and replaced at a cost of almost $1 million. This expense could have been eliminated if the deck had been waterproofed 20 years prior. It's important for AOAO owners and property managers to understand the importance of waterproofing all horizontal and vertical surfaces of their buildings and parking structures. So much money can be saved by protecting these valuable structures from Hawaii's salty rain and humidity. Joe Miller is the president of Seal Masters of Hawaii. The company has been in business since 1986 and is known as one of the most knowledgeable and respected building and structure renovation firms in Hawaii. Services include concrete spall repair, waterproofing, painting, and window and guard rail replacement. BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW ROOF - CALL US! WE STOP ANY LEAKS 100% Silicone Roof Coating 50 Year Warranty THE LAST ROOF COATING YOU'LL EVER NEED! * Free Inspections * 100% Waterproof * Not effected by ponded water * Never needs to be recoated Concrete Restoration & Waterproofing Commercial * High-Rise * Residential Interior & Exterior * Masonry * Concrete Spall Repair * Plaster, Texture & Acoustic * Concrete Staining * Epoxy Coating * Decorative Concrete Floor Coating * Mold resistant * Cool Reflective Coating TECSEAL TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT 478.9001 C-22875 26 December 2013 - January 2014 BMH Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum (808) 386-7404 Lic. No. C 5513, C 33, C 31, C 55

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Signs & Safety How Do I Get Out Of Here?
Signs Of A Safe Building
A Sign From The Feds
Water Savings Coming Clean With Recycled Water
Water & Energy: Two-For-One Savings
Solar  Hawaii’s Leaders In Solar
Waterproofing Cementious Coating Vs. Polyurethane Foam
Sky Arches
The $1 Million Mistake
Seal The Deal
Resin Injections Save Basement
Waste Management Keeping The Trash Industry Clean
Special Offer
Assistance Animals Making Room For Rover
Green Cleaning Be Green: Resources & Tips

Building Management Hawaii December/January 2014