Waste Management Keeping The Trash Industry Clean" /> Waste Management Keeping The Trash Industry Clean" />

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*SPECIAL Keeping The Trash Industry Clean Free Electronic Waste P Are you being overcharged for trash pick up? WaSte M a na g e Ment D ue to numerous requests for trash pick up in the private sector, Hawaii Refuse (aka Support Services Group) opened for business seven years ago. Recently, however, I've noticed invoices from other companies that include a fuel surcharge. Typically, waste management companies price out trash removal services with the fuel cost already added into the monthly fee ... so why the appearance of an extra fuel surcharge? This tends to be a Mainland practice and Hawaii Refuse believes that it has no place in Hawaii. Hawaii Refuse never charges this "hidden fee," which fluctuates with the cost of oil. Consumers may be paying 10 percent or more with this added fee. We encourage you to check your invoices. Another issue that has recently emerged in the industry is the practice of implementing automatic renewals for service. To help the industry stay honest and to prevent customers from renewal clause. The ordinance also requires that the procedure by which the consumer can cancel the renewal contract must be clearly and conspicuously stated in the contract. In response, Hawaii Refuse has changed its service agreements to conform to the new city ordinance. For more information, see HRS 481-0.5. Hawaii Refuse/SSG has been in the trash removal industry for more than 18 years under the name Perry Management, which provides service for all facets of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). Our service rating from the DOD has been between "Very Good" to "Excellent." We have taken the same mindset and brought it to the private sector. Presently, Hawaii Refuse provides brand new bins for our new customers. If a bin becomes damaged, we will fix it within five working days. If the bin is damaged beyond use or is a safety issue, it is normally replaced within 24 hours. Also, since graffiti is a big problem, our drivers carry paint and will cover up any unsightly vandalism. If you look around town, the majority of our bins are graffiti free. The ordinance requires any person who sells products or services to a consumer per a contract of more than one month to disclose the automatic renewal clause. being "held hostage" by their existing trash company, the city passed an ordinance last summer. In short, the ordinance requires any person who sells products or services to a consumer per a contract of more than one month to disclose the automatic 30 December 2013 - January 2014 BMH Hawaii Refuse sales manager Calvin Masaki has worked in the waste and recycling industry for 20 years. He is trained in all aspects of the business-sales, driving and fairly pricing accounts. *SPECIAL OFFER By Calvin Masaki Deal ends December 31 acific Corporate Solutions (PCS), in partnership with Sims Recycling Solutions, is offering free electronics recycling and pickup service for all Oahu businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and government entities until the end of the year. Managed properties are included if e-waste is collected in a central area. "Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world today with more than 2 million tons ending up in landfills," says Lance Furuyama, Pacific Corporate Solutions vice president of operations. "Pacific Corporate Solutions is committed to protecting our precious environment by cutting the amount of electronic waste sent to our landfills." Pacific Corporate Solutions sends recycled equipment to its Halawa warehouse for sorting and on-site destruction of hard drives. All electronic waste is then packed and shipped to Sims Recycling Solutions in California, avoiding any addition to Hawaii's landfills. Electronic waste constitutes only about 2% of municipal waste, yet accounts for 70% of a landfills toxic waste. PCS will pick up desktop and laptop computers, CPUs, servers, CRT and LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, scanners, routers, DVD players, VCRs, telephones, PDAs, copiers/printers, fax machines, MP3 players, speakers, stereo *SPECIAL www.buildingmanagementhawaii.com http://www.buildingmanagementhawaii.com

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Waste Management Keeping The Trash Industry Clean
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Building Management Hawaii December/January 2014