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Energy-Generating Elevators Used In Extensive Renovation By Nathan Lee R ecently Hyatt Place Waikiki’s 33-year-old, 20-story ocean resort underwent an extensive renovation. Facing the challenge of modernizing to a more reliable and efficient elevator system, Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach selected elevators with increased energy efficiency, improved ride quality, and a seamless modernization process while avoiding inconveniencing hotel guests and staff. Now, not only does Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach save more than 65 percent on elevator energy consumption with a Geared to Gearless Modernization but also, there is another benefit to the upgrade. The regenerative drive system recaptures the power generated by the motor when in an overhaul condition and feeds it into Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach’s electrical system. The old inefficient system would burn the power off as heat. ThyssenKrupp Elevator removed the hotel’s existing geared elevator machine, controller and motor generator units, one elevator at a time to minimize disruptions to hotel traffic flow. The modernized equipment included all new compact permanent magnet gearless machines, micro-processing controls and energy efficient AC regenerative drives. Although the permanent magnet gearless machine is compact, it out performs the much larger geareddriven system, all while using less energy than conventional geared machines. The result is a reduction in energy consumption by 65 percent. The use of carbon brushes were eliminated, which improves indoor air quality, and cuts down the frequency and cost of changing the brushes and air filters. The gearless machine also has fewer moving parts which causes less friction and increases the longevity of the entire system reducing future modernization costs. The system is equipped with a compact sheave that turns quicker thereby decreases energy loss and increases the speed of the elevator. Hotel guests experience a 61 percent improvement in ride quality and a much quieter ride with reduced decibel levels from 91dB to 68 dB. The bearings are permanently greased, which eliminates oil leaks in the machine room. The modernization has also created a virtually silent and vibration-free machine room. The geared to gearless elevator modernizations are so advanced that for every kilowatt used, it can save an additional 25 percent in electrical costs above and beyond a traditional geared modernization. Nathan Lee is Sales Manager for ThyssenKrupp Elevator with more than 16 years experience. Before After BMH February-March 2012 13

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Energy-generating Elevators
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Building Management Hawaii - February/March 2012