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Solar Leasing By Andrew Yani n 2011, rising petroleum prices and increasing global demand for oil led to record high electricity bills for Hawaii residents and businesses. Especially hard hit were ratepayers on Oahu, who endured three consecutive months (October – December) of record high electricity costs, with some customers seeing 20 percent increases. Most economists as well as the Hawaiian Electric Company itself predict that this upward trend will continue. Even before the most recent escalation in the cost of electricity, many Island homeowners have been taking steps to curb rising electric bills by installing solar hot water and photovoltaic systems on their rooftops. As a result, Hawaii ranks second in the nation in solar photovoltaic panel installations per capita. However, property managers for condominiums and apartment complexes have not been adopting solar solutions as quickly as individual homeowners. I (808) 348-4932 Lic# C-30871 22 February-March 2012 BMH

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Movers and Shakers
Aimee Harris, Trade Publishing’s New Editorial Director
Energy-generating Elevators
Rooftop Evolution: The Convergence of Roofing and Energy Technologie
Being Smart About PV Systems
Hawaii Energy and You
Solar Leasing Programs Lower Costs and Maintenance
Shifting Winds: The Changing Shape of A/C
How Safe Is Your Safety Glass?
Window Glazing as a Source of Water Leaks
Technologically Advanced Window Films Provide Smart Solutions
Hawaii Buildings, Facilities and Property Management Expo 2012

Building Management Hawaii - February/March 2012