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Editorial The Overlapping Paths to Savings and Knowledge A few issues ago, I stepped in as the interim managing editor for Building Management Hawaii. It has been enlightening and very rewarding. In the meantime, Trade Publishing searched for someone for their new editorial director position. We were unsure how long it would take to find that key individual to implement Trade’s vision to elevate its publications to the next level. Well, they hit the ball out of the park on this one. Many of you already know her and many of you have seen her work in Hawaii Home + Remodeling magazine. She is an award winning journalist. This issue, we introduce you to Aimee Harris, Editorial Director for Trade Publishing (see article on page 12). It is interesting in the building management industry how many areas overlap. This issue we focus on Energy and it circles around to solar leasing programs and considerations regarding photovoltaic. It seems those industries are changing daily. Costs are declining, creative options are emerging and incentives remain to encourage investigation. Our Energy focus also took us to elevators and new ways they can save energy and even create some energy. We focus on Windows and Glazing, which circles around to Energy. At our home, saving energy and thus reducing our electricity costs is an ongoing concern. For some time we have noticed that an arched window in our master bath really lets the afternoon sun heat up our upstairs master bath and bedroom. I contemplated making a tiny 7 foot by 2 foot arched thermal curtain but the task seem too daunting and besides, how would I hang the dang thing? We had toyed with the thought of window film but honestly, my past experience — years ago mind you — brought back frightful memories. In desperation, we decided to give it a try. The impact was immediate. And, it didn’t block out light thereby turning our bathroom into a cave, which by the way I was ready for, just to save dollars. Then, I read the articles on the advancements in the glazing and window film industry and I fully appreciated the strides made. In featuring air conditioning, we cover the ever popular going green topic, which leads to, you guessed it — saving energy and reducing cost. Speaking of all the ways that topics overlap for building managers, owners and investors, take some time to check out the hundreds of businesses participating at the upcoming 5th Annual Hawaii Buildings, Facilities and Property Management Expo. Additionally, there will be 24 informative industry seminars presented at the expo scheduled for Wednesday, March 7 and Thursday, March 8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Blaisdell Center. Drop by, find solutions to concerns, discover what is new and meet faceto-face with hundreds of businesses all in one place. So, that rounds out this issue of Building Management Hawaii. I hope you find the articles helpful. I bid you aloha and encourage you to continue to ask questions and submit informative articles for BMH readers. I am sure Aimee Harris will be attending expos, association gatherings and other meetings to get to know many of you. Mahalo nui loa for your kokua. Jacque Martin Interim Managing Editor, BMH Editorial Staff Jacque Martin Interim Managing Editor Contributors: Guy Akasaki Mark Duda David Dunham Nathan Lee Chris Mikesell Shawn Mosely Billy Pettit Geoff Pettis Andrew Yani Advertising Sales Team Charlene Gray (808) 738-4938 Christine Huffman (808) 738-4990 Barry Redmayne (808) 738-4950 Lita Fernando (808) 738-4939 Production Staff Blanche Pestana, Production Manager Susan Whitney, Art Director Kim Martin, Graphic Designer Publisher Faith Freitas Published by: 287 Mokauea Street Honolulu, Hawaii 96819 Phone: (808) 848-0711 Fax: (808) 841-3051 Founded by Trade Publishing Company in April 1983, Building Management Hawaii is a statewide trade magazine serving Hawaii’s commercial, industrial, and residential facility management industries. Building Management Hawaii (BMH) invites all professional associations and foundations involved in the management of commercial, industrial, and residential properties in Hawaii to submit articles, news releases, photographs, and artwork for publication in a future issue of BMH. Please send submissions via e-mail to or mail to: Trade Publishing Company, 287 Mokauea Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96819. 4 February-March 2012 BMH

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Movers and Shakers
Aimee Harris, Trade Publishing’s New Editorial Director
Energy-generating Elevators
Rooftop Evolution: The Convergence of Roofing and Energy Technologie
Being Smart About PV Systems
Hawaii Energy and You
Solar Leasing Programs Lower Costs and Maintenance
Shifting Winds: The Changing Shape of A/C
How Safe Is Your Safety Glass?
Window Glazing as a Source of Water Leaks
Technologically Advanced Window Films Provide Smart Solutions
Hawaii Buildings, Facilities and Property Management Expo 2012

Building Management Hawaii - February/March 2012