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HAWAII'S FOOD & BEVERAGE SUPERSTARS BY LEE SCHALLER Part two of a series highlighting Hawaii's own food and beverage superstars who are making a name for themselves in the national and international culinary scene The Aloha Plate food truck team: Shawn Felipe, Lanai Tabura and Adam Tabura PHOTO BY TIM CADIENTE Aloha! And that really says it all! If you did not see the "Aloha Plate" food truck team from Hawaii win The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network last season, you missed one of the most entertaining and popular seven weeks the network has hosted. Part of the fun centered around the Hawaii-themed food truck and its equally colorful trio of entrepreneurs who charmed and delighted viewers and live audiences across the country. Lanai Tabura, well-known local radio host and comedian, his brother Adam Tabura, who has some heavyduty chef credentials, and Hawaii-born Shawn Felipe, an actor and comedian who currently lives in Los Angeles, made up the Aloha Plate Team. How did they get to 20 Hawaii Hospitality ■ March/April 2014 compete on The Great Food Truck Race? Felipe got the call to audition and when asked who would be on his food truck team, immediately responded, "Lanai and Adam Tabura." They had known each other for a long time and he was aware that they could cook. And he instinctively thought they would be up for the challenge. That challenge proved to be harder than first perceived, mainly due to the fact that all three had busy schedules. Shawn lived in L.A., Adam on Maui and Lanai on Oahu, making coordinating plans and efforts difficult. In addition, they had no way of knowing how long they would be involved in the TV show. They could be cut the first week or make it through to the end, after approximately seven weeks.

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