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What do you do with your waste oils? ASSOCIATION News A Fresh Look at Farm-to-Table By Roger Morey, HRA Executive Director T Partner with Pacific Biodiesel and support renewable fuel production in Hawaii. Restaurants joining our program receive benefits including: ■ Reliable and convenient collection ■ Custom containment solutions ■ Discounted grease trap services ■ Emergency service 24 hours a day ■ Membership in Restaurants for Renewables To become a member call Oahu 808-851-7117 Maui 808-877-7718 Hawaii Island 808-935-7718 16 and costs significantly less than synthetic products used today. The organic blends will: • stimulate overall root and plant growth, by making nutrients bio-available for plants, increasing nutrient uptake, and stimulating chlorophyll and sugar production; resulting in healthier plants, higher product quality and increase in yield rates • provide stimulus to restore beneficial soil micro-organisms that have been depleted in the soil through use of synthetic inorganic fertilizers and chemicals • improve soil aeration, the condition of tilled soil and workability, while increasing soil water-holding capacity and filtration, thus reducing heat, drought and salt stress. • improve plant health that results in reduced pesticide and fungicide application needs The HRA’s goals are to strengthen the foodservice and farm industries in Hawaii, enhance local farm-to-table relationships and improve the value, stability and quality of local-grown produce. For more information or to participate in free trial testing, contact Alan Hoki at (808) 561-0763 or ahoki@hawaiiantel.net. Free Pick-up Service for used cooking oil ■ he Hawaii Restaurant Association (HRA) is firmly committed to farmto-table programs with the view that they’re good for Hawaii … and good for restaurants. Many HRA members are actively involved and we support their work. Now, we’re getting involved at the beginning of the process by going to the farm! Literally. In 2012 we began the testing of an organic product to help local growers lower operating costs for fertilizer, pesticides and irrigation water, while also increasing plant yield and the quantity and quality of Hawaii-grown products. The product is in extensive production across the Mainland, and is being tested on varied crops in Hawaii. It includes organic blends of essential micronutrients, plus 100 percent organic all-purpose soil conditioners, humates and essential microorganisms that are necessary for restoring and maintaining a healthy soil structure. These blends strengthen plant health, reduce dependence on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, increase drought tolerance, boost crop yield and quality and cleanse the soil of toxic salts and chemical compounds. It is easily applied Hawaii Hospitality ■ July/August 2013 On the Horizon: HLHF Expo, 45th Bosses’ Night Celebration By Shelly Awaya W ith the year already halfway through, there are two key events coming up that will see heavy attendance. The 19th annual Hawaii Lodging, Hospitality & Foodservice (HLHF) Expo will be on Wednesday and Thursday, July 10-11, at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center. Both the exhibition hall and arena will feature more than 200 vendors showcasing their newest products and services. This is a must-attend event for all professionals in the hospitality industry. Our Hawaii Chapter will have a booth at the expo this year, and we are seeking volunteers to work in the booth to assist with distributing resource and educational materials and potential member recruitment Please contact Rose Galera at galerar002@ hawaii.rr.com for more information and available timeframes. Since last year’s bosses’ night event was sold out, we are looking to see an even larger crowd for the upcoming gathering. “The Golden Age of Waikiki” is this year’s theme, and the function will be at the Pomaikai Ballrooms, formerly known as the Dole Cannery Ballrooms in Iwilei. Save the date—Friday, Oct. 11, 2013—the festivities will start at 6 p.m. Invitations will be disbursed at our next chapter meeting, and mailed out to those who are unable to attend. Local group Kapena will be performing, and our silent auction returns again for another year. ... The next Oahu meeting will be at the Ohana East on Wednesday, July 17, at 10 a.m. To RSVP, please email veronica. mayer@astonhotels.com or call 808469-9125. Madeline Chang, director of housekeeping from Aston Waikiki Sunset, will discuss succession planning. For the latest chapter updates, please visit www.hawaii-ieha.org. http://www.hawaii-ieha.org

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