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CLEAN TALK with Rose BY ROSE GALERA, CEH Hi Rose, Though rewarding with good opportunities, managing a hotel housekeeping department in Hawaii is challenging, with the many diverse employees to supervise and keep motivated. I must develop a supervisor training program and need advice on what would be key topics to consider for such training. Mahalo, Dina Aloha Dina, Supervisory training is essential to insure employee morale, motivation, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness and to maintain high quality standards. Training will enhance the mentoring process for supervisors to become successful housekeeping managers. Results-oriented training should focus on people skills. Following are highly recommended topics for supervisory training. Communication Every type of communication training is needed to include language, speaking or writing and nonverbal expressions such as smiles, gestures and body language that are important in communicating ideas and feelings to people. Emotions and gestures communicate “unspoken” messages. Successful communication is in the art of listening—listening not only with one’s ears, but also with one’s eyes to notice body language and facial expressions. Performance Evaluation Performance evaluation is a responsibility of every supervisor. Evaluations provide for meaningful feedback and discussions, allows for management to make appropriate administrative recommendations and assist in determining where improvement is required. Performance evaluations serve a dual function: an employee feedback system and a management information system. A smile is something nice to see, it doesn’t cost a cent. A smile is something all your own, it never can be lent. A smile is welcome anywhere, it does away with frowns. A smile is good for everyone, to ease the ups and downs. Cultural Diversity According to sociology, psychology and political science theories, man is a Coaching Coaching improves the performance of others. Supervisors who coach encourage their teams to learn from and be challenged by their work. Coaching is an unending process—each new achievement forms a platform for the next challenge. Leadership Leaders are made, not born; they are molded by experience, helpful mentors and opportunity. As the author Leroy Eimes said, “A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do.” Motivation In today’s increasingly competitive business world, a highly motivated workforce is vital for any organization seeking good results. Learning how to positively motivate others has become an essential skill for all supervisors. 22 Hawaii Hospitality ■ July/August 2013 Teamwork A game of excellence! There are no rules except for those that come from one’s own integrity and commitment to do whatever it takes. It is a very highlevel game for those who are willing to play with an open heart. It is for those with a strong sense to praise the abilities of others. Teamwork is a game of service. Teamwork creates miracles! The Art of Smiling Remember the poem, “Smile” (author unknown): creature of culture. By understanding the building blocks of cultural identity, we can approach others with greater sensitivity and understanding. All the above topics are essential to developing an outstanding housekeeping department. Happy training! Rose Galera, CEH Rose Galera has 50 years of professional experience and is currently the president of the International Executive Housekeepers Association, Hawaii chapter. (808) 678-8021 galerar002@hawaii.rr.com www.rosegalera.com http://www.rosegalera.com

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