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it's all about teChnique "- this is the 90-plus percent effort. Once on the swell and gliding, you can let the stroke stretch out again..." an analysis of the modern Sean Monahan has coached the Waikiki Beachboys women to two Na Wahine O ke kai wins, once in 2011 and the second was last year, 2014. He was willing to share some of his thoughts on paddling technique. There are two paradigms that underlie my coaching. A canoe team can always get better, and an individual paddler can always get better. Your coach is there to evaluate and craft a group of individual paddlers into an efficient crew. As an individual paddler, you must learn to make yourself into the best paddler you can be, then work with your coach and teammates to be an effective crew. Starting with what you can and must control; If you want to 1 2 22 Pacific Paddler aPril 2015

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Kanaka ikaika maui Jim waterman's series
Waikiki Surf Club juniors
Sean Monahan on technique
fishing from an oC1
Koa Nui
Manny Kulukulualani talks story
HSCA 2015 schedule
Outrigger canoe making waves in the desert
Small boats getting big
Stretches for paddling
Hawaii Island
Composite paddle blades
Mahalo Kai Opua

Pacific Paddler April 2015