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fishing from an oC1 We asked Kailua paddler Brian Sultzer a few questions about how he reels in his dinner. wHat Kind of fisH Have you caugHt? We usually catch papio, uku, kawakawa, kawalea and rarely get lucky with a shibi. has their favorites and lucky ones. We're planning to try live bait soon, but adding one more thing to the OC1 is always complicated. tHe biggest? do you fisH every time you go out? ...was an 18 lb shibi my friend caught. We stick together as a team. When you are that far out anything can happen, so you need to have confidence in your paddling partner. Usually, unless waves are up, then we will surf the OC1s, but I feel if we're out training any-ways, we might as well catch dinner while we're out there. tHe most at one trip? wHat types of places do you fisH and wHat is your strategy - reef, deep blue? Usually we'll paddle in after two fish each. We catch only what we can eat. For us sustainability is important. How do you set up your rig? I custom cut a pvc pipe and strap it to my rear 'iako. It seems I continually add to my set up and it becomes a little crazy - lure box, gaff, stringer, knife, pliers, radio or water proof phone case (safety), drinking water - extra paddle if paddling solo. wHat Kind of lures do you use? We run 5-6 inch minnow style trolling lures. Everyone On the way out, we will catch papio and uku. A couple of miles out, we'll catch kawakawa, kawalea and shibi. I have tried floating lures on the inside and sinking lures in deeper water but have not noticed a significant difference. ever Had your fisH taKen by or attract sHarKs? Kailua Bay I have had plenty of shark encounters but haven't been taxed by the men in the grey suits yet, 'lol'. The main concern, especially this time of year, is watching out for whales. A pod will come up for air right next to you, and you have to get out of their way quickly. I've had a couple of really close calls. some of tHe ways you eat your catcH? I sashimi the kawakawa and shibi. I like to blacken and pan fry the papio in coconut oil and steam the uku with ginger, garlic, shoyu, mushrooms, green onion, peanut oil or sesame oil. do you Have a secret fisHing Hole and wHere is it? just Kidding.... Mostly we fish Kailua Bay out of convenience, but on occasion we do Waimanalo runs when time permits. 28 Pacific Paddler aPril 2015

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