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Waikiki Beach photos by Ropati Hebenstreit I have crossed the Kaiwi Channel 42 times in a variety of different watercraft. Every time I have crossed, one thing remains the same, the need for hydration. For the last 3 years I have been using the Kole Gear Hydration System, a pressurized water system that has eliminated the “need to suck”. All you need to do is bite on the mouthpiece and liquid flows. For me, this is a BIG DEAL. Sucking for fluid expends energy, and though it may not seem like a lot, over time when you add it up, that turns into energy you could have been using elsewhere. I am a person that believes in the little details because they might give you that edge over the competition. I have never been happy with what I have had until now. Jimmy Austin New and improved stronger bladder, no pinching 16 Pacific Paddler - August 2012 For more on how to hydrate, click here or go to pacificpaddler for a link

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Cover Liberty Challenge 2012
Contents August 2012
Hawaiian Airlines Liberty Challenge
Gold Coast Cup
MacFarlane 4th of July tradition
Waikiki Beach Boys Regatta
OHCRA Regattas 1,2 & 3
Na Ohana O Hui Waa
Island Iron Rips
I can't run, my knees hurt
OHCRA Champs photos
HCRA State Program

Pacific Paddler magazine - August 2012