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Annual Honolulu Elks Keiki OceanFest THESE PICTURES ARE FRAME GRABS FROM HD VIDEO -TAKEN BY OCEAN PADDLER TV < CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME HD VIDEO KALEHUAWEHE> To ride Kalehuawehe coming our way - supposedly the biggest surf of the summer. If so it was my Sunday evening there was talk of a big swell that just hit Tahiti and was chance to ride Kalehuawehe, also known as 'Castle’s', a famous surf break that Duke Kahanamoku used to surf. Kalehuawehe only breaks on large swells and is a wild ride all the way into Waikiki. known for its long lefts that can connect to the surf spot know as 'Publics' and Monday Morning. There is definitely a swell, by noon things are looking hosted their annual family-fun, multi-generational ocean day for members and friends - “Kumulokahi Keiki Ocean Fest”. It was a celebration of ocean sports, community, people came to Waikiki for canoe rides, and getting active. Under overcast skies, SUP lessons, live Hawaiian music by Abrigo Ohana, hot dogs and hamburgers. Elk members and the The Honolulu Elks Lodge #616 again promising. I make a couple of calls and take my four-man out of the rack. When preparing for something like this you have to plan ahead for all the bad things that could happen, so extra equipment: two sets of iakos, four steering blades, two sets of paddling blades, swim fins, an ama (which has taken a beating and carbon Makaha 4-man canoe. repaired several times) and my ultra light I arrive at the Outrigger Canoe Club around 2 pm. Walking to the beach, the surf instantly grabs my attention. I see a perfect 8-foot wave breaking at Jimmy Austin, Jane McKee, Gregory Quinn and Ralph Gray Kumulokahi Paddling Club, Bridges, and Curt & Josh including Colin Chock, Channing Houston, helped run the event Kalehuawehe. We quickly unload the truck and rig for action. We grab the boat and another buddy of mine, Jake Vaughn, and head out. On the paddle out, I give them the speech I give everyone when surfing with registration handled by Elks from the New Hope Diamond Group who also supplied the SUP equipment, canoes and member Willy Rol and volunteers Head Surf, SUP and Canoe Surf big waves, 'Surfing this canoe is great fun, but it can also be very dangerous. It’s very important you guys listen to everything I say. Don’t second-guess me or someone could get hurt. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, feel free to jump out. Make sure if you do you get clear of the boat, and we’ll come back it, stay away from the canoe and its path. When full of water its a 1,000 lb. OK, put your fins on, let’s go!' and get you after. If I’m going to bail I will let you know. Remember if we eat missile and can destroy anything in its track. Anyone have questions for me? At 2:35 pm we pull into the lineup. water safety. Jon Takushi and Jed Hanada provided much of the instruction. fifty people came to experience “Kumulokahi Keiki Ocean Fest”. Many were members I recog- In the end, two hundred and Instantly an 8-foot set rolls through. Since it's not every summer that you get to surf this wave finding the lineup is somewhat tricky. Depending on the angle of the swell and tide, you can either sit real deep or sometimes you have to move more to the shoulder. I make a nized and there were also many fresh faces. Children played in ties. Their faces bright with the water and tried new activiexcitement, they encouraged out on the ocean. quick adjustment with the canoe and tell the boys to go. We takeoff late and each other as they took turns Being on the water with instantly start accelerating down the wave — the feeling is similar to the drop in a roller coaster. I angle the boat to outrun the white water while Ben and Jake lean on the ama to keep it from flipping. The spray from the off shore winds are so strong that I can’t see a thing. I'm steering by feel and from what the guys are yelling. At 'Publics' the wave peters out. A quick yell from the boys, 'What a ride!' then we give a quick bail and paddle out to do it again. everyone was truly a feeling of fellowship and camaraderie. Everyone helped one another. For more information on the Honolulu Elks or the call 808.923.5722. By Cara Mazzei Kumulokahi Paddling Program Jimmy Austin Mark Rigg, Jimmy Austin and Jake Vaughn 22 Pacific Paddler - October 2011 Bumps 1 Bumps 2 Bumps 3 Bumps 4 Bumps 5

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Pacific Paddler magazine - October 2011