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2012 IVF World Kailua Bay Ironman Challenge Outrigger Sprints The 2012 IVF World Outrigger Sprint Championships is August 11 thru 15, 2012 in Calgary, Canada. An intent to participate is due October 31, 2011. Information submitted will be used to help in the planning and organization of the Hawaii trials, which will be held on Sunday, January 15 at Keehi Lagoon. The intent to participate fee is $100.00 per Club/Team and $10.00 for each V1 paddler. Trial registration deadline is November 30 with a fee of $30.00 per paddler/person. Late trial registration fee $50.00 per paddler/ person. After the Hawaii Trails, the Hawaii area coordinator will notify each club/ team or individual of the results and final payment. The final registration fee is due January 31. Only those who qualify for Hawaii’s allotted lanes will be notified. It is mandatory that all Hawaii clubs, teams and paddlers wear the Hawaii Racing Jersey. Hawaii Delegation T-shirts are recommended. Final registration fee is $60.00 per paddler plus Hawaii Racing Jersey and delegation tee shirt for $45.00. All forms and payments should be sent to: Luana Froiseth 791 Sunset Ave Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 Email: or phone 808-732-2639(H) or 808-330-4774. Make all payments to: HCRA – World Sprints. All payments are non- refundable. Team Primo way to a rising tide, 2-to-4 foot surf and 10-to- The usually rough and wild conditions gave Gas, Hawthorne Pacific and Haleiwa Joe’s to help delicious lunch provided by Haleiwa Joe’s. New race sponsor Aqua Hotels joined Aloha 15 knot winds on a beautiful, sunny Kailua day. A total of 56 crews entered the 16th annual Kailua Bay Ironman Challenge. The surprise winner of the 9.5 mile short make the event possible. Awards followed with a Photos by Patrick "Duke" Goldstein course was the Novice A’s of Kailua Canoe in convincing fashion by Team Primo. Club, while the 13.5 mile long course was won Both short and long races were a triangle type course with both going between the Mokulua Islands where the surf can be make it Island saw Kea Paaina’s Healani crew so close opihi in the sea cave, if it wasn’t a race. or break it. The long course around Moku Manu to the rocks they could have stopped to pick The event was a good opportunity for crews headed to the Lili’uokalani race in Kona to fine-tune their techniques. 24 Pacific Paddler - October 2011

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HCRA States
40th Annual Queen Liliuokalani
Hui Waa score board
OHCRA score board
Peter Caldwell's Pics
Duke Kahanamoku
Dad Center
To ride Kalehuawehe
Honolulu Elks Keiki OceanFest
2012 IVF World Outrigger Sprint
Kailua Bay Ironman Challenge
Vancouver’s Oceanman
SCORA's endless summer
Super Aito
Watch out for Props
Voyages of Malolo
Core Strengthening for Paddlers

Pacific Paddler magazine - October 2011