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OceanFest Vancouver’s Oceanman sure favorite, but Craig Brazier made a pact with this year, securing top spot and bragging rights. Rice of 'Team Think' entered the game. Hitting the water in third place proved to be just fine to Sean as it gave him someone to chase. And chase he did, absolutely smashing the field by himself after last year’s race to win the swim leg The race for top team however ended once Sean CHARGED SURF SPRINTS, WAVE RIDING & SUPZILLA; A SUP SHOW OF RESPECT FOR KAHANAMOKU Stand-up paddling (SUP) took centerstage at the 10th Annual Duke's OceanFest celebration in Waikiki with a super-charged series of showcase events in the Go Pro Presents C4 Waterman SUP Surf-Off & SUP Race. World class SUP racer Connor Baxter sliced and diced the sprint field; Alika Willis posted a heart-warming surf win; and a hearty workout was had by all aboard the world's largest SUP board 'SUPZilla' as it engulfed the Queens Surf lineup en-route to posting an unofficial world title - most surfers to ride a wave on one SUP board - 15. The day belonged to Alika Willis, who demonstrated how a passion for the ocean can change your life - something Duke Kahanamoku effectively shared with the world. Willis entered his first SUP competition at Duke's OceanFest two years ago. He came close to last, but won the prestigious C4 Waterman "Spirit of Duke" Award for sportsmanship and heart. Two years later, 25 pounds lighter, exponentially fitter, and focused on living everyday with aloha, Willis took first place in the SUP Surf-Off. Rival competitor and fellow-finalist Kalani Vierra knew how hard Willis had worked for it, having helped him to train, focus and shed the pounds leading up to today's events. "Quit soda, quit mayonnaise, quit ketchup," said Willis, speaking of some of his secrets to success. "I gave myself a chance to get healthy and get competitive." Jodi Wilmott maybe it was the thought of racing against a rising fact that race organizer Gary Parsons runs one of the best events of the season. The 12th annual Jericho Oceanman held on August 6th at the successful in the history of the event. Perhaps it was the forecasted perfect day or several minutes and giving his team a very comdivision in a blistering time of 1:10.36. Winning fortable lead and ultimately the win in the men’s team members included swimmer Rob Hanson, ski paddler Sean Rice, runner Dylan Wykes , and SUP Darrel Remmler. Team Maui Jim dominated in the women’s star in the surf ski world, or perhaps it was just the Jericho Sailing Centre in Vancouver was the most As far as races go, this one is fun, unique team category, securing first place for the third year in a row. The team consisted of swimmer Shannon Bell, ski paddler Cheryl Skribe, run- and an opportunity to bring together many differ- ner Josie Riebe, and SUP Jen Dillinger. Shannon by continuing on after a very strong swim leg to complete the entire race on her own. By turned in a particularly impressive performance the end of the ski paddle, the team was in top position and they never looked back with both in 1:29.16. Josie and Jen maintaining the lead and finishing The solo event saw an upset in both the ent water sport enthusiasts. Competitors come from all over Canada and the Pacific Northwest, to compete in ocean swimming, surf ski/OC1, can do it anyway you want: on your own, in a with a healthy representation from South Africa, beach running and SUP. At the Oceanman, you 2-person relay or in a 4-person relay, with the men’s and women’s events. Men’s winner Rob secured his lead right from the get go, never Bob Woodman the time or the real estate to allowing second place finisher and former champ make his move. Rob posted a time of 1:22.53. Returning women’s champion Shannon Bell put up a great fight maintaining her lead until the final event where Heather Nelson grabbed first place and a final time of 1:32.01. most popular being the 4-person relay. The great thing about bringing together some of the area’s best in each of these sports is that anything can happen, and while the truly competitive try to by turning in the top SUP performance of the day The following day was the Oceanman’s new stack their teams, a clear lead in one leg can easily disintegrate in the next. The ultimate secret weapon this year however belonged to 'Team ski paddler Sean Rice. event called The Vancouver SUP Challenge. There was sunshine, big wind and choppy waters makMike Darbyshire took top honors in the men’s ing for a super exciting day. In the 4km distance, division and Lina Augaitis claimed the female’s podium. For more information on either event, tune your computer to Think Kayaks' who brought in South African surf The men’s swim field was deep. Canadian Olympic swimmer Dustin Hersee seemed the By Cheryl Skribe Above: SUP Surf-Off Finalists L to R: Kaleopa'a, Willis, Vierra & Napoleon Credit: Bernie Baker - October 2011 25

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