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Palumbo says the very fact LHBA has
its Condo Task Force illustrates that
local builders are proactive in " educating
consumers about the benefits of
purchasing a condo, whether one-, twoor
three-storey townhomes, attached or
detached or mid-rise and high-rise. And
it's important to educate buyers on the
condo lifestyle.
" The average single-family new home
in London and area is still about $1.2
million, while the average new two-storey
condo is about $650,000. It's a very
affordable choice, and offers an easy,
convenient no-hassle lifestyle. There are
lots of condos for sale, lots of inventory,
and so we encourage Londoners to
contact homebuilders, " Palumbo says.
Owning a townhome condominium
Shift by Ironstone Condos
has many benefits, including a maintenance-free
lifestyle. As we continue
to seek simplicity, a townhome condo is the perfect starter
home for busy young professionals, perhaps even a forever
home for young families on the go and a perfect place for
empty nesters to retire. Forget about cutting grass, shoveling
snow or repairing your home's exterior: own a condo, and
you'll have peace of mind knowing that you can put your feet
up and relax at the end of a busy day.
Like townhome condos, apartment-style condos also offer
a sense of community, thanks to shared amenities and close
proximity to neighbours. Both types of condominiums offer
the same comfortable, luxurious living style as detached
homes - but at a much more affordable price. High-rise
condos offer a hands-off approach to home ownership within
smaller, more manageable living space, and with bonuses of
common areas including fitness space, plus they are often
situated in close proximity to retail, dining and downtown
Tyler Emel of Urban Signature Homes is building freehold
condominium townhomes in the Phase 3 development of the
Acadian Towns community in south London. With a freehold
townhouse, you own the home and its land. With a condo
townhouse, you own the interior of the home only.
Emel says today's condo designs are " modern and
progressive - there is a lot of variety in today's designs
and choices. " He pointed to Urban Signature Homes's
Paddington Walk community in Warbler Woods featuring
contemporary condos with an industrial edge as a good
example of design ingenuity.
According to Emel, condo affordability is a major factor
among today's homebuyers. " Inflation has hit everyone very
hard. The biggest expense we have with a home is land. With
condominiums, that cost expense is reduced significantly.
And with demographics across the board when it comes to
condo living, it is the norm to live in a condo. Before, it was
simply just an affordable choice. But today's condos also
allow homebuyers to live in a luxurious home. "
Dave Stimac of Ironstone Building Company and co-chair
of LHBA's Condo Task Force is offering two- and three-storey
Evans Glen by Ironstone Condos
Paddington Walk by Urban Signature Homes
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