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For all of life's changes
From simple alterations to major modifications, an adaptive living
renovation can help ensure you're ready for any changes the future
might bring
MANY HOMEOWNERS ARE looking for renovation solutions
to adapt their homes to changing lifestyles as they grow older,
or looking to help their parents or other family members make
adjustments for improved quality of living in their existing
As we age, our mobility and physical abilities can change,
making it challenging to navigate our homes. But there are
adaptations - big and small - you can make to your home
to help ease the transition, making your home safer and more
accessible so that you can stay in it for as long as possible (and
for good reason: nearly 90 per cent of Canadians say the want
to stay in their homes for as long as possible).
A fully licensed and insured renovator who is a member of
a program like RenoMark and is certified in adaptive living
renovations can provide both functional and creative solutions
to adapt your home to suit your needs. By working with a
renovator who has completed specialized certification, such
as the Adaptiv Home Renovation Course from the Canadian
Home Builders' Association (CHBA), you'll receive expert
advice on your goals, challenges and budget, and advice on
how best to proceed.
" A CHBA-qualified Adaptiv Home Specialist has gone
through training to gain competency in all aspects of
aging-in-place and accessibility retrofits, " notes Luke
Vandenbosch, co-founder and president of V+V Homes.
When working with a renovator, it's important to consider
both the difficulties you may be currently experiencing with the
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configuration of your home as well as anticipating issues you
may face in the future.
According to Vandenbosch, an experienced renovator can
help to suggest solutions to most problems, which will vary
depending on the unique needs of an individual or family. It is
important to keep an open mind throughout this process, as
your renovator may make suggestions you haven't considered,
while also keeping your budget in mind.
" During our initial visit, we would identify safety issues,
hazards and opportunities to make the space more useful for
our clients, " he explains. " Having completed multiple adaptive
home renovations, we are aware of the challenges our clients
face, as well as those challenges present throughout the
lifecycle of a renovation from inception to execution.
" While the specifications and technical degree intensifies,
the execution is very similar to any typical renovation, "
Vandenbosch continues. " The main differentiator is the upfront
knowledge gathering and assessment of the occupant's needs
and requirements. Additional effort is taken to gather detail
from multiple sources inside the home and the client's network
- sources such as family, friends and healthcare providers. "
There are a myriad of innovative updates that can be made
to all areas of the home to adapt to a changing lifestyle.
Safety grab bars in bathrooms, hallways and staircases are a
commonly implemented solution, as are widened doors and
accessibility ramps to accommodate wheelchairs. Updates to
staircases can include installing longer treads or shorter risers,

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