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All Under
One Roof
Excellent Sign Group
establishes itself as
the preeminent sign
manufacturer in
Southwestern Ontario
Excellent Signs has been at the forefront of
high-quality custom signage in Southwestern
Ontario and beyond, with their craft-built
signage helping thousands of businesses, big
and small, create an immediate and memorable
visual impact.
Specializing in the design, engineering and
installation of a wide range of interior and exterior business
signage - and even the design and manufacture of landmark clock
towers and carillons - chances are you've encountered more than
one of their many eye-catching installations.
Now, Excellent Signs has now grown from a custom signage firm
into the Excellent Sign Group - a firm that brings the knowledge
and expertise of three national signage companies under one
roof to establish itself as the preeminent signage manufacturer in
Southwestern Ontario.
" We're a full sign fabrication company, from A to Z, " says
Excellent Sign Group president Al Nasser. " We've installed signs
in every Canadian city, and we've installed signs in every major
Canadian mall. We locally manufacture everything, and we are a
national sign company. "
Excellent Sign Group's story began as three companies - Total
View Signs, Meteor Signs and Excellent Signs. The first two merged
in 2014 under the Total View Signs brand, and the company was the
exclusive signage supplier for major franchises like Subway, Pizza
Pizza, Boston Pizza and GameStop.
Then, in September 2022, when the then-owner of Excellent
Signs was retiring, the opportunity for Nasser (then the president
of Total View) to bring the three companies together presented
itself, and he didn't hesitate. It was a perfect match.
" Both of our businesses had elements that the other company did
not have, " Nasser explains. " Total View Signs had a lot of volume,
and we have machinery that allows for volume production. But
Excellent Signs had custom fabricators and custom installers - we
were lacking that. Naturally, they're a perfect fit together. "
Together, Nasser says, the three companies can serve more of
Excellent Sign Group president Al Nasser

Insider Excellent Sign Group

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