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the market than each was able to before - a all-encompassing
business that doesn't make trade-offs between the volume required
to take on national work and the time and expertise required to
produce high-end custom designs.
" We're now the largest, and really only, player for your highquality
custom signage projects, " Nasser says. " What we do, nobody
else in London has the ability to do it. "
While the addition of the Total View company brings major
contracts and large-scale project management expertise, Excellent
Sign Group's speciality, says general manager Said Elshawiesh,
remains the kind of large-scale custom work for which Excellent
Signs has been known for the last six decades.
" One of our most popular services is the design and installation
of eye-catching pylon signs of all shapes and sizes, " he says. " Our
team of experienced and well-trained designers and fabricators
work closely with clients to understand their vision and create
a sign that is not only visually stunning, but also functional and
effective. "
" What makes us unique, " says Nasser, " is our ability to do both
- and we want to stay big on that. "
To that end, the company is also growing
to accommodate its new capabilities. The
team, says Nasser, has grown by more than
the name itself, just made sense, " he says. " Excellent Signs is the
oldest of them, it's got the biggest history, it's done the largest job,
it's got the largest local presence. "
As much as it's a time of chance, it's a story of continuity, too.
" The founders' children still work for this company, to this day, "
Nasser says. " They're super excited to see it re-expand. It's being
revived - it's got this big turbo push now. "
15 employees, and they've completed a
" massive renovation " to their production
facility and showroom at 2736 Dingman Drive. They're also
expecting to expand their skilled trades force to scale up their
capacity for custom work.
But despite the growth, Nasser says that one thing he's firm about
We're a full sign fabrication company, from A to Z.
We've installed signs in every Canadian city, and we've
installed signs in every major Canadian mall " -Al Nasser
If your business requires signage of any type, look no further
is retaining their identity as a proud London company with roots in
the community. It was the reason for taking on the Excellent Signs
name in the first place, he says. " The history of Excellent Signs, and
than Excellent Sign Group. With 58 years of experience and an
unwavering commitment to excellence, the business is the go-to
provider for all custom signage needs - big or small. Visit the
showroom at 2736 Dingman Drive to view firsthand the pride in
craftsmanship and dedication to helping businesses bring their
vision to reality.

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