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Hong Kong and broke new ground in the development
of minimal access surgery. He is the founding president
of the Hong Kong Society of Minimal Access Surgery
and the Asia Pacific Endo-Lap Surgery Group.
He was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star for his
achievement and contributions to the medical sector
and for the development of the surgical field. He also
was appointed professor of surgery, University College
London and Hunterian Professor the Royal College of
Surgeons of England, commending his unwavering contribution
in surgical advancements. His forte is minimal
access surgery for rectal cancers and robotic surgery.
Professor Li has honorary appointments in renowned
institutions, including honorary fellowship in the
College of Surgeons of Hong Kong, American Society
of Colon and Rectal Surgeons, Japan Society for
Endoscopic Surgery, Philippine Society of Colon and
Rectal Surgeons, and the Association of Minimal Access
Surgeons of India. He is an honorary advisor for the
International Advisory Board for Minimal Access Surgery
Training Centre, Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern
Hospital, Hong Kong; Chinese University of Hong
Kong (CUHK) Jockey Club; Minimally Invasive Surgical
Skills Centre, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong.
He is honorary clinical associate professor in surgery,
department of surgery, Prince of Wales Hospital, faculty
of medicine, the Chinese University of Hong Kong;
honorary clinical associate professor in family medicine
and primary care, faculty of medicine, University of
Hong Kong; chairman, Asia Pacific Endo-Lap Surgery
Group; secretary, Asian-Pacific Society for Digestive
Endoscopy; board member, International Federation
of Societies of Endoscopic Surgeons; member, board
of governors, Society of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic
Surgeons of Asia; council member, Hong Kong Society
for Coloproctology; council member, Hong Kong Society
of Minimal Access Surgery; and honorary member,
Hong Kong Hernia Society.
Australia, the Royal Adelaide Hospital amalgamated with
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and Professor Maddern
became director of surgery of both institutions from 2013
to 2019. During this time, the old Royal Adelaide Hospital
moved to a new site in Green Fields, in what has been
the most challenging of moves in recent times. In recent
years, his focus has been directed to publishing, a higher
degree of supervision, and research funding totaling
more than $70 million.
Three Special Sessions on
timely, late-breaking topics
to be offered at Clinical
Congress 2021
2021 will feature three Special Sessions to be held
at 12:00 noon Central Time Monday, October 25,
through Wednesday, October 27. Detailed descriptions
of these Special Sessions follow.
is professor, postgraduate surgical education, and
dean, postgraduate surgical education and training,
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), Dublin.
Professor Traynor graduated from the University College
Dublin School
of Medicine and
completed basic
and senior surgical
training with the
RCSI. He received
numerous awards
during his surgical
training and was
recognized with
the O'Farrell Gold
Medal for Surgery,
the McArdle Prize for Clinical Surgery, and a Fogarty
Foundation Fellowship from the U.S. National Institutes
of Health (NIH). He was awarded the Surgical Section
of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland President's
Prize for his research and was the first recipient of the
RCSI Surgical Travelling Fellowship.
He was consultant hepatobiliary surgeon, St.
raised in Adelaide, South Australia, and completed
medical school and surgical training at the University
of Adelaide. After gaining fellowship in the Royal
Australasian College
of Surgeons (RACS),
he headed to Bern,
Switzerland, to work
with Prof. Leslie
Blumgart, MB, ChB,
MD, for two years and
then another year in
Rennes, France, with
Prof. Bernard Launois,
MD, FACS(Hon).
Shortly after
returning to Adelaide, he was appointed the R.P.
Jepson Professor of Surgery, University of Adelaide.
He assumed the role of head of upper gastrointestinal
and hepatobiliary surgery and division of surgery,
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital. In 1997, RACS created
the Australian Safety and Efficacy Register of New
Interventional Procedures-Surgical (ASERNIP-S)
and appointed him as director. The ASERNIP-S has
become a world authority on assessment of new
surgical technologies, with a longstanding relationship
with the ACS.
Subsequently, he served as chair, International Network
of Agencies for Health Technology Assessment. He
has been president of the Health Technology Assessment
International and was a councilor of RACS. In
1996, he became the director, Basil Hetzel Translational
Research Institute, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
With a reorganization of hospital services in South
Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin; founder and
director, Irish Liver Transplant Program; and director,
National Surgical Training Centre. His clinical interests
center on hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery,
including liver transplantation. For more than 25 years,
he headed the hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery
unit at St. Vincent's, a teaching hospital affiliated with
University College Dublin. Under his leadership, this
unit became the national tertiary referral center for
complex hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery and
liver transplantation. His unit, in conjunction with the
Department of Health, played a leading role in establishing
Ireland's National Liver Transplant Program.
During his tenure, he recruited and trained faculty and
developed protocols and best practice guidelines.
This center's liver transplant outcomes rival those in
the U.K. and Europe.
Retired from clinical surgical practice, he remains
involved in surgical education through his work at
the RCSI and is responsible for educational development
of the surgical trainees. He initiated and led the
development of many changes in the delivery of postgraduate
surgical training and education, introducing
several innovations to surgical training, including the
world's first e-learning program for surgical trainees;
a comprehensive, curriculum-based surgical simulation
program for teaching technical skills; and an
integrated human factors training program. He has
published widely on surgical training and has lectured
in Europe, Australia, and North America on human
factors in surgery.
He is director, clinical governance, Hermitage Medical
Clinic, Dublin, with responsibility for patient safety and
quality of care. He has promoted various patient safety
initiatives, including the Patient Safety First campaign
and, through the clinical governance committee, has
achieved stakeholder involvement in promoting the
culture of patient safety. He is director and co-founder of
i360 Medical, a medical device company. *
SL341 - Surgery Residency Training beyond the
COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives from the ACS
Academy of Master Surgeon Educators™
The 2021 Symposium of the American College of
Surgeons (ACS) Academy of Master Surgeon Educators
will highlight perspectives from the Academy
regarding future transformational changes
in surgery residency training that will result from
the work of the Academy's Special Committee to
Address Challenges and Opportunities Relating to
Surgery Residency Training during the COVID-19
Pandemic. Leaders of the Subcommittees and the
Editorial Review Group of the Academy's Special
Committee will highlight the work of their groups,
and leaders of the Academy will share their vision
for the future.
Presentations at the symposium will describe
the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on surgery
residency training during various phases of the pandemic,
especially with regard to residents, medical
students, and faculty; highlight the novel education
and training methods that have been successfully
adopted by surgery residency programs during the
pandemic; describe the organizational adaptations
to address challenges associated with the pandemic
and define strategies to ensure optimal surgery residency
training during future crises; and discuss the
peer-reviewed online educational resources developed
by the Academy during the pandemic and
strategies to maintain and advance these resources
in the future.
SL442 - Should COVID-19 Vaccination Be
As we emerge from the throes of the COVID19
pandemic, the question has arisen whether
vaccination, widely accepted among public health
experts as the optimal pathway to safely returning
to normal life, should be mandatory. With the rapid
evolution of new and potentially more virulent or
more contagious variants, the issue of vaccination
of the population has received significant national
attention. This timely session will feature a pointcounterpoint
debate by experts on surgical ethics
as to whether vaccination against COVID-19 should
be mandatory.
SL544 - Late-Breaking Quality Initiatives in
This session will feature ACS leaders who will discuss
four Quality Programs being released by the
College: The ACS Quality Improvement Course; the
Quality Verification Program; the Geriatric Surgery
Verification Program; and the ACS Value-Based
Surgery Program, THRIVE (Transforming Healthcare
Resources to Increase Value and Efficiency). This
session will highlight these new programs and how
surgeons can further improve the care they provide
through participation in these initiatives.
Register for Clinical Congress 2021 to take part
in these informative Special Sessions. *

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