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As an ACS Regent (2000−2009), he served
on and chaired the Central Judiciary Committee
(2001−2006 and 2003−2006, respectively)
and the Nominating Committee of
the Fellows.
Dr. Britt also has served in various capacities
on the ACS Committee on Trauma
(COT, 1996−2006), including as a member
(1987−1996) and Vice-Chair (1998−2002).
He also served as Chair, Regional Committees
on Trauma (1998−2006); Chair, Virginia
Chapter COT (1991−1996); and Chief,
COT-Region III. He has been a Senior Consultant
to the national COT since 2007.
In addition, Dr. Britt served on the
Surgical Education and Self-Assessment
Program Committee (1998−2008) and was
Program Chair, Annual Meeting, Virginia
Chapter of the ACS.
He has contributed to 300 scientific
peer-reviewed publications, authored three
textbooks, and serves on the editorial
boards for the Annals of Surgery; Archives of
Surgery; World Journal of Surgery; Journal
of the American College of Surgeons;
Journal of Trauma, Shock, and Critical Care;
Journal of Surgical Education; and American
Surgeon. He is associate editor of the American
Journal of Surgery and a reviewer for the
New England Journal of Medicine. He has
been the principal investigator and coinvestigator
of multimillion-dollar National Institutes
of Health (NIH-R01) research grants.
During his distinguished professional
career, he has received numerous awards
and honors, including induction into the
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society;
the Association of American Medical
College's Robert J. Glaser Distinguished
Teaching Award, the highest national
teaching honor in medicine; and the
Distinguished Educator Award presented
annually by the Association of Surgical
Education to an individual for both lifetime
achievement and the consideration of
their peers to be a true master educator.
He has served more than 200 institutions
globally as an invited distinguished visiting
professor and held numerous leadership
positions in surgical societies, including as
president of the Society of Surgical Chairs
(2004−2005), the Southeastern Surgical
Congress (2007−2008), the Halsted Society
(2007−2008), the Southern Surgical Association
(2008−2009), the American Association
for the Surgery of Trauma (2010−2011), the
American Surgical Association (2012−2013),
and the Society of Black Academic Surgeons
(1999−2001), where he continues
to serve as executive director. He also has
been chair of the Accreditation Council for
Graduate Medical Education Residency
Review Committee for Surgery (2005−2007),
secretary of the Southern Surgical Association
(2004−2008), and past-recorder/program
chair for the American Association for
the Surgery of Trauma.
In addition, Dr. Britt has held leadership
positions in the Eastern Association for
the Surgery of Trauma (Board of Directors,
1990−1993); National Board of Medical
Examiners (Executive Board, 2004−2008);
American Board of Surgery (senior examiner,
2013−2016, and director, 2007−2013);
American Association for the Surgery of
Trauma (President, 2010−2011).
At the College's 2010 Clinical Congress,
Dr. Britt was awarded the U.S. Surgeon
General's Medallion for outstanding
achievements in medicine. He was featured
by the National Library of Medicine of the
NIH, in collaboration with the Reginald F.
Lewis Museum of Maryland African American
History and Culture, for his contributions
to academic surgery, appointed to
the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar
Program National Advisory Committee,
and honored by the National Board of
Medical Examiners with the Edithe J. Levit
Distinguished Service Award. U.S. President
George W. Bush recognized him for his
leadership role in medicine with a nomination
and U.S. Senate confirmation to serve
on the Board of Regents of the Uniformed
Services University and was awarded the
USUHS Distinguished Service Medal at the
end of his tenure.
As an active community leader, he has
also been the recipient of many public
service honors such as the 2010 Colgate
Darden Citizen of the Year Award, the 2011
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Community
Award, and the 2016 Urban League of
Hampton Roads Professor Marian Capps
Memorial Award for his accomplishments
in community service through education.
On a national level, the Atlanta Post
highlighted him as one of the top 21 Black
physicians in America, and Ebony magazine
recently listed him as one of the nation's
most influential African Americans. He was
conferred an Honorary Doctorate by Tuskegee
University and elected Commissioner
to The Joint Commission as well as being
recognized with honorary fellowship conferral
by the French Academy of Surgery, the
Colleges of Medicine of South Africa, the
Southern Surgical Association, and by each
of the four U.K. Royal Colleges-England,
Edinburgh, Ireland, and Glasgow.
He is known for introducing the term
" acute care surgery " and was a principal
architect of this emerging specialty, which
garnered him the prestigious 2013 Roswell
Park Medal. He was also bestowed the
unique designation of " Master of Critical
Care Medicine " in 2015 by the American
College of Critical Care and accorded
the Association of Program Directors in
Surgery's 2019 Silbergleit Award, making
him only the third individual to receive this
recognition for sustained leadership as an
accomplished program director.
Along with President Barack Obama
and other notables, he was conferred with
an Honorary Doctorate of Science from
Howard University, Washington, DC. He
conducted his 200th visiting professorship
in 2016 as the inaugural John A. Barrett,
M.D. Lecturer at Cook County Hospital in
Chicago, IL, where he completed his initial
residency training, to kick off the Trauma
Unit's 50th anniversary. Also in 2016, he was
elected as the first and only faculty member
from his institution to the National Academy
of Medicine, which is considered one
of the highest honors in the field of health
and medicine. In 2018, the latest edition
of his textbook, Acute Care Surgery, was
unveiled and he was inducted into the inaugural
class of the ACS Academy of Master
Surgeons Educators.
Dr. Britt completed his undergraduate
studies with distinction at the University
of Virginia-Charlottesville before
earning a medical degree from Harvard
Medical School and a master's degree in
public health from the Harvard School of
Public Health, Boston, MA. He trained at
Barnes-Jewish Hospital, department of
surgery, Washington University School of
Medicine, St. Louis, MO, and at University
Hospital and Cook County Hospital,
department of surgery, University of
Illinois, Chicago. He completed a clinical
fellowship in trauma and critical care at the
Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical
Services Systems, division of traumatology/critical
care, Shock Trauma Center,
University of Maryland, Baltimore. *
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