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Dr. David P. Winchester to receive
Distinguished Service Award
he Board of Regents of the American
College of Surgeons (ACS)
will present its highest honor given
annually, the Distinguished Service Award,
to David P. Winchester, MD, FACS, at the
Convocation, the evening of Sunday, October
24. The Regents' Honors Committee
selected Dr. Winchester for this distinction
" in appreciation for his exceptional and
continuous service as a Fellow of the American
College of Surgeons and his role as
Medical Director for the College's Commission
on Cancer (CoC), the American Joint
Committee on Cancer (AJCC), the National
Cancer Database, and the American College
of Surgeons Cancer Research Program, "
according to the award citation.
The award recognizes " his vision and
dedication in developing a national
accreditation program related to the alignment
of the highest standards and quality
of care in the treatment of breast cancer
and rectal cancer " between the National
Accreditation Program for Breast Centers
(NAPBC) and the National Accreditation
Program for Rectal Cancer, respectively. It
also acknowledges " his exemplary leadership
of the College's many cancer program
initiatives " ; his representation on behalf of
the College to other surgical and medical
professional organizations; and " his role as
a mentor, teacher, and trainer of the next
generation of surgical oncologists. "
A Fellow of the College since 1974, Dr.
Winchester served as Medical Director,
ACS Cancer Programs, from 1985 to 1998
and 2001 to 2019, when he retired from the
College. In this capacity, he also served
as Executive Director, AJCC (1992−1998,
2001−2019), and Chairman of the Board,
NAPBC (2006−2011).
He spent much of his career in active
practice at Evanston Hospital, IL, and
in academic surgery at Northwestern
4 ACS Central
4 Outstanding Mentor of the Year
6 Surgical History Programs
University Medical School, Chicago, IL.
At Evanston Hospital, he served in the
following positions: senior attending
surgeon (1976−2013); head, surgical
oncology (1977−1995); chief, division of
general surgery (1986−1995); chairman,
department of surgery, Evanston Northwestern
Healthcare (ENH, 1995−2007);
and chairman of the board, ENH Medical
Group (1998−2007). At Northwestern,
he was professor of surgery (1992−2009)
and associate dean for medical affairs
In addition to the College's
Distinguished Service Award, Dr.
Winchester has been honored by many
other institutions and professional
societies. He was named outstanding
faculty teacher of the year, department
of surgery, Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine (1990, 1993,
1998, 2006, and 2007) and honored by
6 Technical Standard for Cancer Surgery
10 Special Sessions
12 Continuing Medical Education
Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton, Jr., MD, FACS, to receive
Distinguished Military Contribution Award
Gen. Paul Kendall (P.K.) Carlton, Jr., MD,
FACS, will receive the American College
of Surgeons (ACS) Distinguished
Military Contribution Award during the
virtual Convocation ceremony, Sunday
evening, October 24. The award
recognizes Dr. Carlton's outstanding
contributions to the field of surgery
while serving in the military. He is
the third recipient of the award in
the College's 108-year history.
Dr. Carlton has had a long and
distinguished medical and military
career. He completed his term as
Surgeon General of the U.S. Air Force in
October 2002 prior to his retirement from
active duty military service in December
2002. Dr. Carlton was promoted to a
three-star Lieutenant General in December
1999. He commanded more than
40,000 airmen across 75 facilities during
his military career. He was responsible for
developing Critical Care in Air Transport
Teams (CCATT) that have transformed the
battlefield care of those injured, getting
them home in days instead of six to seven
weeks during the Vietnam conflict. He
contributed to the Expeditionary MEDical
System, known as EMEDS. He also oversaw
the outfitting of the C-17 Globemaster
airlift plane as a flying critical care air
transport (CCAT) that shuttled more than
12,000 wounded warriors to Landstuhl
Air Force Base, Germany, and then on to
stateside locations.
Those who
with him
Dr. Carlton
having an
" uncommon
Lt. Gen. Paul Kendall (P.K.)
Carlton, Jr., MD, FACS
needs, " and
say that his
creative thinking
and innovative approach to the military
expeditionary medical footprint is what set
him apart. He also has helped support military-civilian
partnerships for maintenance of
trauma training for Air Force physicians. His
current passion is to bring the methods that
have provided the excellent survival of the
war-wounded home to the U.S. to improve
rural trauma care.
Notably, Dr. Carlton was present at the
Pentagon during the September 11, 2001,
terrorist attacks. He led a team minutes
after an airplane struck the Pentagon into
the impact area while the building was
unstable and still burning to pull three
injured colleagues from the rubble. Dr.
Carlton also helped with disaster medical
reconstruction following the 2011 tornado
in Joplin, MO, and played a vital role in
the delivery of surgical care during the
coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He has
championed the defeat of COVID infections
by using a multilayered air defense
system, given that COVID is an airborne
respiratory disease. This " clean air " strategy
has been recognized by the Centers
for Disease Control and Prevention as one
of the key methods to defeat the transmission
of this virus.
During his surgical and military career,
Dr. Carlton has performed more than 4,000
operations as principal surgeon and more
than 6,000 surgical procedures as first
assistant. He continued to take surgical
calls as the commander at the Wilford Hall
Medical Center Level I Trauma Center,
Lackland Air Force Base, TX. He remains
an active contributor to surgical peer-reviewed
publications. He has been an
ACS Fellow since 1981, and served as the
College's Air Force Governor (1992−1996).
He is the recipient of the Airman's Medal,
Air Medal, Air Force Distinguished Service
Medal, Air Force Meritorious Service
Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal,
Legion of Merit Award with Oak Leaf Cluster,
and National Defense Service Medal
with Service Star.
David P. Winchester, MD, FACS
the graduating class for outstanding
teaching (1994, 1995, 1998). He also
received the 2008 Dean's Award from
Northwestern's Feinberg School of
Medicine and the Excellence in Teaching
Award, department of surgery, University
of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine
(2011, 2012, 2013).
13 Surgical Education and SelfAssessment
14 Satellite Symposia
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