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December 6-10, 2022 | Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center | San Antonio, Texas |
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n behalf of the SABCS Executive
and Program Planning Committees,
welcome to the 2022 San
Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium and
what promises to be an important and
informative week of interaction, communication,
and education. Over the course
of the week, you will have the opportunity
to hear about new and late-breaking
research in breast cancer and pre-malignant
breast disease and network with
researchers, academics, practitioners,
patients, and patient advocates from
around the world.
The program kicks off on Tuesday morning
at 8:00 am CT with this year's Clinical
Research Workshop (Stars at Night Ballroom
1&2) and Basic Science Workshop
(Stars at Night Ballroom 3&4), setting the
stage for some of the most important clinical
and basic science research findings
that will be presented and discussed over
the course of the meeting.
Tuesday's program also includes two
Special Sessions, both beginning at 12:00
pm CT. Big Data and Health Equity (Stars
at Night Ballroom 1&2) features a diverse,
multidisciplinary panel of patient advocates,
health care professionals, and other
stakeholders who will participate in an important
panel discussion on health equity
and the responsible use of patient data in
health care. Overcoming the Big Obstacles
to Find Solutions for Breast Cancer (Hall
3) brings together a panel of renowned
researchers who will explore some of the
biggest challenges, and potential solutions,
in breast cancer research.
Among the highlights of Wednesday's
program is this year's William L. McGuire
Memorial Lecture (8:30 am CT, Hall 3)
which will be delivered by Jeffrey Rosen,
PhD, Baylor College of Medicine, who will
discuss " Leveraging Preclinical Models for
Translational Breast Cancer Research. "
Also on Wednesday, the Special
Session HER2-Low: A Separate Entity?
(9:45 am CT, Hall 3) will feature poster
presentations looking at the latest data
on HER2-low breast cancer as well as
an in-depth discussion of the " separate
entity " question.
The focus on HER2 continues immediately
following this session in the Mini-Symposium
C. Kent Osborne HER2 Signaling the
ER Cistrome Symposium (11:00 am, Hall 3),
named in recognition of Dr. Osborne's pioneering
work on the interplay between ER
and HER2 signaling. Speakers will explore
what is known about the crosstalk between
these signaling pathways, how it takes
place, and the latest evidence on the most
effective therapies for patients who are ER+
and HER2+.
Wednesday's program also includes
the first of two Plenary Lectures (12:00
pm CT, Hall 3) scheduled this week. Rama
Khokha, PhD, University Health Network,
Toronto, will discuss " Lineage-defined
Metabolism of Normal Mammary Cells
and Origins of Cancer Metabolic Heterogeneity. "
Thursday, you won't want to miss this
year's Debate: Are All of CDK4/6 Inhibitors
the Same or Different? (11:00 am CT, Hall 3)
during which Debra Patt, MD, MBA, Texas
Oncology, and Ruth O'Regan, MD, University
of Rochester, will debate the pro and con
sides of this important question.
Thursday's program also includes this
year's second Plenary Lecture (12:00 pm
CT, Hall 3), which will be delivered by Prudence
Francis, MD, Peter MacCallum Cancer
Centre, Victoria, Australia, who will
talk about " Premenopausal ER+ Breast
Cancer: Past, Present, and Future. " Also
on Thursday, this year's Brinker Award
for Scientific Distinction in Basic Science
(12:30 pm CT, Hall 3) will be presented to
Geoffrey M. Wahl, PhD, Salk Institute for
Biological Studies.
Friday's program includes presentation
of the Brinker Award for Scientific
Distinction in Clinical Research (11:30 am
CT, Hall 3) and accompanying lecture
by Norman Wolmark, MD, FACS, FRCSC,
University of Pittsburgh. On Friday eveWE
We have several new
sessions and special
sessions. The scientific
program is filled with
practice-changing clinical
trials, and the translational
research presented this year
has the potential to lead to
innovative clinical trials that
will shape future therapies.
We hope you enjoy the
program, and thank you for
coming to San Antonio!
Virginia G. Kaklamani, MD,
SABCS Co-Director
ning, be sure to mark your calendars for
one of the SABCS " signature sessions "
- View from the Trenches: What will You
Do on Monday Morning? (5:15 pm CT,
Stars at Night Ballroom 1&2), featuring a
diverse panel of experts who will review
some of the top clinical takeaways from
SABCS 2022.
The meeting wraps up on Saturday
morning with the always popular Year
in Review session (8:00 am CT, Hall 3),
which will be led by SABCS Co-Directors
Carlos Arteaga, MD, UT Southwestern
Medical Center, and Virginia G. Kaklamani,
MD, UT Health San Antonio. They
will be joined by a panel of experts who
will discuss the year's most important
findings and advances in basic science,
translational research, early breast cancer,
and advanced breast cancer.
Check out the SABCS Final Program
Book for detailed session information
and listings of all of this year's abstract
and poster presentations, and stay tuned
to for session
previews, live coverage, meeting info, and
more! 
Check out the SABCS Meeting News this week for
session previews and recaps, meeting news, and more!
14 Taste San Antonio
On behalf of Visit San Antonio,
I am thrilled to welcome
the 2022 SABCS Annual
Convention back to our city.
What you do day in and day
out, including the interaction,
education and work done at
your annual gathering in San
Antonio, is critical in the noble
pursuit of eradicating breast
cancer and saving lives. We
are proud to be your host and
appreciate your longstanding
commitment to San Antonio.
San Antonio is a city that is
still evolving at an invigorating
pace. As a city, we are focused
on improving the visitor
experience and have made
significant investments to
offer new experiences, thrilling
attractions, enticing cuisine,
and world-class entertainment.
This includes the opening of
more than 70 restaurants and
nine new hotels since the start
of the pandemic-an incredible
achievement only San Antonio
can claim.
Please note that your
convention is estimated to
have an economic impact
of over $14.5 million for our
community. The effect that
your convention will have for
not only your attendees, but
our local hospitality industry,
means a great deal to us. It is
because of meetings like yours
that San Antonio will emerge
stronger and more resilient.
With heartfelt gratitude, it
is a pleasure and an honor
to have your group here. We
wish you a memorable and
productive visit.
With best regards,
Marc Anderson
President & CEO
Visit San Antonio

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