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LUC OLIVIER 16 Activities for Adventure/Eco-travelers & Nature Lovers (+1) CHAPELLE Martinique spoils both hard-core adventure travelers and soft-adventure nature lovers with a plethora of "green" and "blue" settings, from the national park to- and into-the sea. Its gear shops and tour operators are as first-rate as the scenery, offering rentals, instruction and guided tours in all manner of activities. Many, although certainly not all, of the green activities take place in the national park, a 270-sq.-mile playground that covers more than half of the island. Indeed, maybe it's better to use the plural word, "playgrounds," because this protected 60 percent of Martinique includes the volcanos and virgin rainforests of the north, the east coast's Caravelle Peninsula, and in the south, pristine Pointe des Salines, La Savane des Petrifications, and Diamant. To say that these areas represent different ecosystems with different scenery and recreational options would be an understatement. The choice of blue/maritime activities is as enormous as the variety of ecosystems, which include beaches, reefs, wrecks, calm water, wind-blown seas and many kinds of gamefish. For a guide to the best rental outfits and instructors in various pursuits, read through the Martinique Specialist Program at Meanwhile, here's a peek at what green and blue activities await adventure and eco-tourists in Martinique: 14 14-16 Activities.indd 14 4/23/14 10:24 AM

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A Quick Tour of the Island of Flowers
Historic Sights & A Thrilling Backcountry
Food & Rhum
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