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S pecial ist Exa m All of the questions are based on material within this education program. 1) What year did Saint Lucia gain full independence? A. 1967 B. 1979 C. 1976 D 1867 2) What fort sits atop Morne Fortune? A. Fort Charlotte B. Fort Balenbouche C. Fort Doux D. Fort Lucia 3) What is the island's capital? A. Soufriere B. Micoud C. Castries D. Marigot 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) What two European powers battled over possession of Saint Lucia? A. England & France B. England & Spain C. Spain & Portugal D. France & Spain What month does the Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival take place? A. October B. May C. June D. August Where does the Seafood Friday festivity take place? A. Gros Islet B. Marigot C. Pigeon Island D. Anse la Raye What month is Carnival in full swing? A. June B. July C. August D. May Is there a waiting period for couples wishing to get married in Saint Lucia? A. Depending on one's nationality B. Yes, one week C. Yes, a couple of days D. No For couples wanting to get married on Saint Lucia, same day marriage licenses cost how much? A. $20 B. $200 C. $2,000 D. $125 10) Which Chef Xavier restaurant is located in the heart of Rodney Bay? A. Rainforest Hideaway B. Blue Olive Restaurant and Wine Bar C. The Coal Pot D. The Edge Restaurant 11) What resort's spa offers "Shared Moments" treatment rooms for couples? A. Jalousie Plantation B. Sandals C. The Landings D. Anse Chastanet 12) Which Saint Lucia Sandals property features Millionaire Suites? A. Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort B. Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa & Beach Resort C. Sandals Halycon Beach Saint Lucia D. All three Sandals properties 13) What resort in the north of the island specifically emphasizes wellness and spa treatments? A. Bel Jou B. The BodyHoliday, LeSPORT C. Almond Morgan Bay D. Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort & Spa 14) Approximately how many whale species can be spotted in Saint Lucia throughout the year? A. 2 B. 35 C. 20 D. 10 15) Leatherback turtles can be spotted on what beach? A. Grand Anse Beach B. Savannes Bay C. Reduit Beach D. Sugar Beach 16) Where can one find the Diamond Botanical Gardens? A. Marigot B. Castries C. Soufriere D. Micoud 17) What is the island's national bird? A. Amazona Versicolour B. The Saint Lucia oriole C. The Saint Lucia black finch D. The Saint Lucia pewee 18) What hiking trail is part of the Old French Road? A. The Forestiere Rainforest Trail B. The Union Nature Trail and Mini-Zoo C. Barre d L'isle Rainforest Trail D. The Enbas Saut Waterfalls Trail 19) Number of airports on the island. A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 20) Which UNESCO World Heritage site can be found on Saint Lucia? A. Black Hole B. Brimstone Hill C. Pitons D. Blue Mountains

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