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pre prevue | JUL/AUG 2015 Destination experiences for meetings + incentives Culinary Combos Creating multifaceted group experiences THE CARIBBEAN An experience for every meeting SPAIN A story for every flavor PHILLY The modern renaissance city CALIFORNIA Twists and trends from West Coast chefs

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Prevue July/August 2015

Planner’s Pick: Washington, D.C
Fresh Meets: Loews Hotels & Resorts
Bureau Buzz: Las Vegas CVB
Good Business: The Empty Suitcase Campaign
Sea Shores: Foodie Cruises on the Rise
Culinary Combos
On Location: Puerto Rico
On Location: Dominican Republic
On Location: Le Meridien New Orleans
Checkout: Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel

Prevue July/August 2015