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Macau [ON LOCATION] ALEXIS QUINLAN Globally glam properties highlight this historic Portuguese outpost We arrive in Macau in time for the annual September fireworks extravaganza, showcasing pyrotechnics maestros from around the world. Sitting outdoors at the 200-pax Terrace Restaurant beneath the iconic 1,100-foot Macau Tower, everyone is in awe of the multicultural cuisine. The bounty of exotic fish, meats and vegetables spiced with flavors from Portugal’s globe-girdling reach to Africa, Goa and Brazil speaks volumes about the lure of Macau. Basically, you never know what amazing surprise awaits around the next corner. The Chinese “special administrative region” is booming with swank meeting-friendly hotels, glittering casinos, elaborate entertainment and fine dining restaurants due to the skyrocketing economy. This charming former Portuguese protectorate 37 miles southwest of Hong Kong has become the planet’s top-grossing gaming town, bringing in 4-6 times Vegas’ gambling revenues. The Vegas model is clearest on the Cotai, a reclaimed isthmus between two Macanese islands, Coloane and Taipa. It’s said that enough sand was pumped in to build another Great Pyramid. Already dotted with 10 hotels and six casinos, many with names North American planners know well, more are enroute. While dipping Portuguese egg tarts in spicy mustard, the dazzling showers of fireworks begin bursting high above to soaring symphonic sounds, mirrored over the water of Pearl River. Spoons are dropped. That happens a lot here. VENETIAN MACAU The 3,000-suite Venetian Macau started it all in 2007 and remains the world’s largest casino and sixth-largest building. Twice the size of its Nevada counterpart, the Venetian is a planner’s dream, particularly if the planner dreams big. 86 | prevue magazine

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