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Affordable Luxury: dubai in focus Q: [ON LOCATION] DAVID MARTIN ERNESTO ORILLAC Vice Minister of Tourism Panama Q: How do you define the concept of Affordable Luxury? A: I believe that in the recent years more people are choosing to pick a destination that is all-inclusive, not only in terms of a massive experience, but more so that the luxuries that you can choose from are composed of a range of products at a great price range. That means that a lot of hotels are now focusing on having one final price. Q: What are a few of the “wow” attributes in Panama that you wish to tell meeting professionals? A: There are many of them. The Panama Canal is our national treasure and is currently undergoing an expansion. It is a gem to visit as it is one of the largest civil engineering projects of modern history. We have other great attractions. For example, we are one of the only countries in the world that Q: For high-end groups, what are some of offers the visitor the opportunity to visit the their priorities in 2012? Pacific and the Caribbean in a few hours. You can be diving in the Caribbean, and in a few A: I think that groups are looking for hours you can have lunch in the Pacific. something unique, something that is You can also visit an ancient civilization. completely different from their day One of our indigenous tribes, the Guna to day experience—something they Indians live on more than 365 islands of the cannot experience back home. Perhaps Guna Yala archipelago. Visitors can see how an experience where they are in closer they still live the same way that they have contact with nature, for example, or to been for several hundred years, before the Ernesto Orillac encounter other types of civilizations continent was discovered by Europeans. through sustainable tourism. Panama is also a place that has geographic, anthropological and historical significance since it is the Q: How do you respond to those priorities? bridge between North and South America. This history can be appreciated in the biodiversity of the country and A: We have a destination that is very exciting and the new Frank Gehry-designed Biodiversity Museum, diverse, and it’s small in territory so we can offer our which will open in 2013. tourists different types of experiences. We are a unique Those are certainly some main attractions and destination that is growing and becoming an ideal we have many more, some of which are not known by destination for many people since it is not crowded. It´s most people. For example in 2013 our country will be completely different and not many people know about it, celebrating the 100 years discovery of the Pacific Ocean, so it has that exotic appeal for many. which was discovered in Panama. | 86

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